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"The palest pen is better than one's memory" is a one-liner dictum that reminds anybody who knows how to write to translate his/her ideas, thoughts, reflections, research output, and the like into the union of ink and paper. The truth is memory is not really that powerful enough to maintain its grip of the occurrences or happenings to events in a given moment or occasion. Thus, publication is notably important especially for those who are in the folds of an academia.

In his report to UNESCO in 1996, Jacques Delors, Chairperson of the International Commission of Education, contends that education is securely anchored in four pillars, namely: (1) Learning to know; (2) Learning to do; (3) Learning to live together or learning to live with others; and (4) Learning to be. Yes, all these pillars are indubitably important. However, it can be argued that Delors has forgotten about what soil do these pillars are erected. Obviously, the firmness of these pillars depends on the quality of soil that they are built. In this case, it can be argued further that publication stands as the soil out of which these pillars sourced their strength. Yes, without publication all these pillars will perish. How could there be a dependable "learning to know," "learning to do," "learning to live with others," and "learning to be what and who we are" if there are no publications like books, journals, magazines, periodicals among others?

This explains why on October 2000, the HNU administration has decided to put up a Publication Office. The office per se is under the care of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs with its Director as the one who manages the functions and activities assigned to it.

Specifically, the Publication Office is tasked to supervise the publication of instructional materials like textbooks, workbooks, hand-outs, modules, manuals, and the like. It is also the duty and responsibility of the office to publish the university's interdisciplinary research journal called KINAADMAN, HNU's newsletter called The Holynamian, and HNU's collection of theses, dissertations, and feasibility studies that had been successfully defended and/or presented by students both in the undergraduate and graduate levels called HNU Catalogue.


True to her tasks, the office publishes KINAADMAN twice in a school year specifically in the months of October and March. In the same manner, the office also publishes The Holynamian once in the months of January to April, May to August, and September to December within the scope of a given school year. Other than publishing KINAADMAN and The Holynamian, the office regularly publishes once in a school year HNU's Catalogue. In addition, the office has already published textbooks and workbooks in English Plus, English 1, English 2, English for Specific Purpose (ESP), Literature in the Philippines, Filipino 1, and Filipino 2, among others.



Other than publication as such, the office is also tasked to facilitate training for preparation and production of instructional materials. Indeed, the office keeps well enough the HNU policies that pertain to publication with due respect to the law on Intellectual Property.



In as much as the office - since October 2000 - has shown its dedication to publication, it had already earned linkages with other academic institutions in a form of exchange of its published materials specifically KINAADMAN and The Holynamian. Through the Publication Office, HNU is linked with other colleges and universities in the Philippines lie: De La Salle University, College of the Holy Spirit - Manila, University of Santo Tomas, San Beda College, De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, College of San Agustin - Makati, University of San Carlos, Silliman University, Benguet State University, St. Louis University, University of Baguio, Ateneo de Davao, Liceo de Cagayan University, Mindanao State University, Divine Word Seminary, The Holy Rosary Seminary - Naga City, all the Divine Word Colleges throughout the Philippines, Cebu Normal University, Notre Dame University and University of San Agustin - Iloilo.



Dr. Eddie R. Babor, LL.B.
Publication Office
Lesage St. Tagbilaran City
Tel. No. (038) 411-3432

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