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Diwanag Major Shows for the past Three Years

February, 2000:

Diwanag Presents: Dance Insights For Human Value and Spirit
Part 1: Kosmogonia, the Greek word for the origin of the world. Here is a series of interpretative dances depicting the elements (fire, wind, water, and earth) that brought about the world we live in.

Part 2: Cameo Boholano. The story of an archetypal Boholano who sells mats for a living in the distant lands, yet returns to the land of his birth and reclaims his heritage and his one true love.

February, 2001:

Quest for Fire
The production essays humankind's age-old romance with fire, the element sought primordially for warmth and comfort. The dance essays on the discovery of fire and of how humankind discovered its full potential by harnessing it both as a blessing and a curse.

August, 2001:

Daigdig ng Kawaawa at Celfon
This is Diwanag's full-length production for the Buwan ng Wika. This also marks a major link with the university's theater group, the Handulaan Theater Workshop.

February, 2002:

The Holy Name Story
This is the original full-length dance drama about Bohol's newest university. The production made use of the world's best love songs and Broadway musicals. It traced the humble beginnings of the province's topnotch Catholic institution from the coming of the Spaniards up to the present. The dance sequences and routines not only highlighted the artistic prowess of the university's Dance Troupe, but also, rekindled the feeling of nostalgia for the institution's memorable past.

February, 2003:

The project is Diwanag's first major attempt at modern ballet. It is somehow a foretaste of what HNU's resident troupe is envisioning to explore in future productions.

October, 2003:

The Dream
The Dream is a full-length production based on the life of St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz. The production was staged in three different dates as part of the Triduum celebration of the SVD Family on the occasion of the canonization of Fr. Janssen and Fr. Freinademetz.

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