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Office of Cultural Affairs & Development (OCAD): Culture and Arts in HNU

Fr. Alphonse Lesage, SVD is remembered for opening the doors to the stage tradition of what was then, Holy Name College. Old timers will remember the success of plays such as "Pilate's Daughter", "Condemned", and "Daughters of Sale," among others. Cultural life and inclination to the Arts began to take root in HNC and nurtured by Divine Word College of Tagbilaran. But it was not until the mid 90's that this tree truly took form.

The mid 90's was witness to a sudden upsurge in cultural activities in the province providing seemingly limitless opportunities for various cultural undertakings. Tourism was on the rise and magnified what Bohol could offer to the country and to the world with its rich heritage. Thus, the role of educational institutions in Culture and Arts development became more emphasized. DWCT saw this opportunity to carry on the legacy left by Fr. Lesage and recognized the need to nurture and develop the further growth of cultural life in the campus, the Province of Bohol, and beyond. Thus, in 1997, the Office of Cultural Affairs and Development (OCAD) was created.

OCAD became the center for planning, implementing, and sustaining cultural projects and activities in what is now Holy Name University. The office is directly under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Administration.

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