Library Services


In carrying out its information service function, the Library System offers the following services to its users:

  • Bibliography Making — This service includes the provision of bibliographic entries of newly processed books and audio visual materials. A request for a listing of available materials, such as books, newspaper articles, magazines on given topic/subject is also provided in relation to their academic needs.

  • Book Display — This service is geared towards providing library users of the various books that have been acquired for the users to avail of.

  • Book reservation — A service that allows a student to call for a book already borrowed by another student or faculty member.

  • Bulletin Board Display - Putting up a bulletin board display to give awareness especially to highlight special occasion and celebration

  • Circulation — The Library service is concerned with the lending of books to borrowers.

  • Indexing — It provides the clientele an access to the file of articles published in journals and magazines.

  • Library Orientation — This aims to introduce and familiarize students and faculty members with library collections and services.

  • Organizing Vertical File materials— This service provides up-to-date information by selecting newspaper articles of research value which are arranged in alphabetical order by SUBJECT.

  • Periodical Routing — routine circulation of new publications, such as the current issues of library journals tofaculty and staff, to allow them to keep abreast of recent developments in their field of interest and specialization.

  • Reference and Information Service — This is concerned with the assistance given to library users in getting information and in utilizing library materials for research and study.

  • Resource Sharing - An agreement between librarians to allow their respective clients to use the library materials of other member libraries. To avail the said service a student may secure an endorsement letter from the DOL's Office and Resource sharing fee of P 50.00 will be paid to the school you are going to visit.

  • Selection/Ordering — The selection of library materials is a participative process and involves the students, faculty members, employees, administrators and librarians.