Library Rules and Regulations

In order to provide satisfactory services, the library seeks your cooperation in observing the following rules:


  • Observe Silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.

  • Eating, Smoking and sleeping are not allowed in the library.

  • Books in the General Collection read inside the library should not be returned to the shelves but should be left in the Control Area. However books borrowed from the Reserve Section, newspapers and magazines from the Periodical Section must be returned to their respective counters after reading.

  • Laptops can be used in a designated area provided for that purpose.

  • Cellular phones and other gadgets must be set to silent mode inside the library.

  • Books and other materials should be handled with care. These materials are intended to serve a bigger number of patrons other than you.

  • Use of School Identification Card. A validated School ID must be presented to the library personnel/staff for whatever transaction in any of the counters. The borrower takes responsibility of any library material loaned using his/her ID.


  • Non–fiction books may be borrowed for three days, renewable for another three days unless called by other users.

  • Fiction books may be borrowed for a week and renewable for another week.

  • Students may hold three books at a time. He/she must obtain permission from the librarian if he/she needs more books. Teachers are allowed to borrow a maximum of ten (10) books per semester provided that these are in line with their area of discipline.

  • Anyone who has not returned a borrowed book which lapsed its due date must pay his/her fines before he/she can borrow another title.

  • Reserved books are to be borrowed for library and classroom use for 2 hours. Charging out for overnight use is from 5:30-7:00pm. If the book has only one copy it is the discretion of the unit librarian whether or not to allow the borrowing of such material.

  • No student is permitted to pass borrowed materials to another student without proper authorization from the librarian.

  • Stealing and mutilating books are serious offenses and will be dealt with strictly.

  • The library has all the right to recall any borrowed material when more users need it.

  • General References, Special Collection and Periodicals are for library use only.

  • Theses and dissertations are strictly for library use only and duplication or photocopying them is strictly prohibited.


  • 1. For overdue books the following fines are imposed:
    • a. Fiction books P5.00 per day including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

    • b. Books on Reserve P 5.00 for the first hour P 2.00 for each succeeding hour and 20.00 for a whole day

    • c. Reference / Non–Fiction books P 5.00 per day including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

  • 2. Lost books should be immediately reported to the unit Librarian to avoid paying overdue fees. The borrower will either replace with the same/related book or pay the current cost of the lost book.
  • 3. Fines and payment of lost books must be paid directly to the Librarians where the accountability is incurred. Temporary receipt will be issued upon payment.


In carrying out its information service function, the Library System offers the following services to its users:

  • 1. Audio Visual Service - the organization and circulation/borrowing of AV materials and equipment for classroom and library use or for individual learning though the Interactive Learning Stations (ILS).

  • 2. Circulation/Reserve - lending, returning and reservation of library materials such as books and periodicals.

  • 3. Current Awareness Service - a service provided to keep users up-to-date with information and recent development in their specific field of interest and areas of discipline.

  • 4. Educational Media Center (EMC) Reservation - reservation on the different EMC equipment, Discussion rooms, AV facilities and materials for teaching- learning activities and other academic activities.

  • 5. Library Orientation - an introduction to the library system, which is given to the students and faculty.

  • 6. Reference and Information Service - services to library users including reader education, meeting user’s requests for specific information and assistance, and the management of library materials and equipment.

  • 7. Resource Sharing / Inter Library Loan – activities that results from an agreement among a group of libraries to share collections, data, facilities etc. for the benefit of their users.

  • 8. EMC Technical Services – services include photo and video documentation for institutional activities and special school-related activities upon request; maintenance of all AV facilities circulated for classroom and laboratory use and printing, scanning and duplication of library materials for inter office request.