Library Collection

American Collection

As a recipient of library materials from the United States Embassy, we are now able to put up an American shelf located in the Scanlon Library. Various writings about the United States of America can now be read in this area.

Audio-Visual Materials

This collection includes videotapes, audiocassettes, CDs (CD-ROMs, audio CDs, and VCDs), DVDs, Laser Discs, maps, and other instructional materials on different disciplines.

Boholano Collection

This is composed of writings about Bohol and any material written by a Boholano author.


To provide a well balanced collection, the University Library gathers works of authors that deal with imaginative writings that portray various characters and events.


These are books and non-book materials about the Philippines written/produced in or outside the Philippines, by Filipinos or non-Filipinos, in any of the Philippine languages, or in a foreign language. Filipiniana books are located in the different unit libraries.

General References

Books in this collection provide fast access to information and are used as guides to study and research. General reference includes foreign and Filipiniana information and reference resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, directories, almanacs, yearbooks, and serials of general interest in print and non-print format.

Government Publications

Various publications are received and are mostly donations from the different government offices and agencies.

HNU Publications

This is a collection of periodicals and books written and published by the HNU faculty and staff.

On-Line Resources

The users are informed about free online access of information through the deans/principals and unit library bulletin.


Subscription to various scholarly and popular journals is continuously done to ensure that various disciplines are constantly updated.

Reference Books

Books, subject references in various disciplines are cataloged and classified to support the curriculum offerings.

Thesis, Dissertations, Feasibility Studies

Research studies from various teachers and students are gathered to form part of the group called unpublished collection.

Vertical File

Articles selected from different local and national newspapers are classified by subject and placed in the vertical file. Vertical files also include pamphlets, pictures and charts.