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Holynamians Commemorate HNU Days 2013

Holy Name University is the second home of every Holynamian, the home where we are nurtured, honed, and entertained. With University Days 2013, our alma mater was indeed turned into a 'Balai' as the College of Arts and Sciences conceptualized and organized a house-themed HNU Days on February 13-15 with the theme, "New Directions, New Initiatives."

Keeping up with the Central Student Government's goal of giving fun and enjoyable events to the students, the student leaders had also prepared various contests and activities to make the 3-day celebration more memorable and exciting.

Showtime Season 2

On the eve before the day of hearts, the CSG Family serenaded the entire HNU Balai with SHOWTIME Season 2. It was not only a night full of laughter but also a night full of love as the panelists showed their affection for the Holynamians through their 'unkabogable' samples. Two of the panelists were disc jockeys from 102.3 Kiss FM, popularly known as 'Inday Rufing' and 'Sean by the way'. The third judge was Mr. Joeben Pelecio. The event was hosted by Mr. Daryl Jay Calape and Ms. Maryanne Apale.

The Main gym was jam packed with the entire HNU Kapamilya and Kapuso students celebrating together the University days. As Showtime turned 2 this year, the CSG Family gave a blast, showcasing various talents during the competition. The CSG talents also performed a dance and rendered a song as spectacular as their name stands for.

The main highlight was the competition participated by dancers, singers, and outstanding performers. The participants were judged based on the criteria set by the Showtime Committee. More so, they were filtered through the panelists' judgment and commented by the 'Madlang Holynamians'.

The performers were at their best but the judges had chosen the best among the bests and had reached the unanimous result:

Champion - OLOF (Optimum Level of Functioning)
1st Runner Up - Sensei Performers Guild
2nd Runner Up - CAS Mash Up Boys

The night was another proof of the undying service that the CSG always wanted to give to the students. With Showtime Season 2, the students had yet another fun experience here at Holy Name University, our second home. (by Shenna Brissa Ybañez)

Anime fans unite for CSG Cosplay Festival

On February 14, 2013, HNU students gathered at the lower grounds of the SCANLON building, eager to get a glimpse of the Cosplay event that was happening. Cosplayers from both the Highschool and College department donned colorful wigs and elaborate costumes as they dressed to express their passion for anime. The CSG Cosplay Festival (CosFest) started with a photo challenge where Cosplayers teamed up with their photographer to get the highest number of photos taken with random individuals within the campus grounds.

In the afternoon, they once again showed off their cosplaying skills as they strutted in the open grounds of the SCANLON building which drew the attention of a huge crowd. Onlookers cheered for their favorite cosplayers as they walked and showed off their costumes in front of the judges, Mr. Mark Nilo Tero and Mr. Daryl Jay Calape. Guest cosplayers, Ammah Orgino and Krisha Fernandez, were also present and participated in the event. Winners were later announced and awarded in the afternoon.

The following are the awardees for each category:


Most Kawaii - Deane Bianca Butawan, BSN - 4
Most Kakkoii - Jawshell Jay Policianos, 3rd yr HS


Most Photographed Female - Mary Ann Vinluan, BSCE - 4
Most Photographed Male - Jawshell Jay Policianos, 3rd yr HS


Best in Makeup - Myabigail Palabrica
Best in Costume - Jawshell Jay Policianos, 3rd yr HS
Character Mimicry Award - Mary Ann Vinluan, BSCE - 4
Doppelganger Award - Marie Elizabeth Calog, BSIT - 3

Prior to the event, there was an online photo contest where cosplayers had to gain the highest number of likes and comments on their photo. Aside from the contests, students enjoyed drawing their favorite anime characters on the Anime Wall and tried guessing the anime songs played. (by Cecille Mae Samson)

Boholano Dog Owners Gather for CSG Dog Show 2013

The Central Student Government catered to Boholano dog owners, giving them this year's Dog Show: Picture and Ramp Competition which was open to all types and breeds of dogs.

At around 8:30 in the morning of February 14, the registration for the dog show started. The organizing committee made it sure that the owners would present their updated vaccination cards.

The participants were given three (3) hours to raise funds as they roamed around the campus with their pets. Half of the funds raised were given back to the participants while the other half was used for the different prizes.

Right after the fund raising, the owners and pets gathered at the lower grounds of the SCANLON building and presented themselves to the crowd during the mini parade. The spectators then cheered for their favorite pets. Announcing of winners and giving of certificates followed thereafter.

The Dog Show was co-sponsored by Egay's Pet Shop, the Provincial Veterinary of Bohol, and the City Veterinary. (by Nikki Charmaine Reambonanza)

Slow Drag and Motor Show

Another highlight of the celebration was the CSG-sponsored Slow Drag and Motor Show competitions held on February 14, 2013. The said activity showcased the talents of the HNU students as well as outsiders in motorcycle riding and in their art of uniquely designing their motorcycles.

The Motor Show competition started at 9:00 in the morning wherein students and outsiders displayed their various and uniquely-designed motorbikes that captivated the eyes of the students as well as that of the visitors. The display was held at the HNU Oval grounds. A total of 10 participants joined the event. The competition was judged by Mr. Ace Uy, a teacher from the High School Department; Mr. Mark Nilo B. Tero, former CSG President; and Mr. Ramil Doloritos, chairman of the Motor Show Event. After careful deliberation, Mr. Dan Terrence Mende emerged as the winner.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the Slow Drag competition started. Slow Drag is all about balancing. In this competition, the last person to arrive in the finish line without stepping on the ground will be the winner. The activity was held at the access road near the volleyball court. A total of 16 participants joined the event. After a very exciting contest, a criminology student proved his worth by placing first in the said competition. (by Rachelle Lou Perin)

CSG Gratifies Music Enthusiasts with University Bandfest

This year's jam with the bands gave a chance for Holynamians and local aspiring musicians to share their love and interest for music. They were able to rock the house down as soon as they started strumming their guitars and banging the drums making the students jam and sing along with the different vocalists who sang their covers of different genres and songs.

HNU BandFest 2013, headed by its chairperson, Ma. Emilee Bantugan, is one of the activities sponsored by the Central Student Government in collaboration with Scouts Royale Brotherhood - Bohol Chapter in celebration of the HNU Days 2013. The event, which was supposed to be held in the morning of February 15 outside Dampas Gym, was moved in the afternoon at HNU Main Gym due to some unforeseen events. Despite the sudden change of plans, the bands still waited patiently and enthusiastically, proving their passion in playing music in front of a big crowd.

The BandFest also served as a screening and a chance for the CSG officers and chairpersons to choose the bands who would be the front acts for the 6Cyclemind Concert For A Cause later that night. That opportunity caused the bands to give their best show hoping to land a slot to perform in a much bigger crowd.

The bands D'J2ML's Illusion, 2pesohandicapped, Bintura Babies, Decoy Diffusion, and Hideout gave good renditions of different songs but were not able to land a spot for the front act. The bands that performed before the 6CycleMind concert gave a fantastic performance with every band wowed the crowd with their songs, singing from alternative, to punk rock, R&B and OPM including the hit song "Cha Cha Dabarkads".

Kudos to the Rock Rush Band, Face Shift Keying (FSK) Band, Solid Nation Band, Signs & Symptoms band, Bai Kokoi Band and When Hopes Fly High (WHFH) Band for a well-played, mind-blowing and heart-melting show. The chairperson and other CSG officers were so happy and thankful that they chose the right bands to front act the concert, thus making the event a great success. (by Ma. Emilee Bantugan)

CSG Concert for a Cause featuring 6Cyclemind

The HNU Main Gymnasium tore down as the crowd went wild screaming and shouting "6Cyclemind! 6Cyclemind!" over and over as the members of the band froze for a whole two minutes or so in the middle of singing their hit song "Sandalan". It was a stunt they usually do when performing for a crowd but that stunt really did work for the people who came to see the 6Cyclemind band perform that night.

The event served two causes, first was to let the Holynamians enjoy their half a week long relaxation and pure enjoyment from the activities made possible by the HNU Administration and the Central Student Government, and second was to serve and help outside the university by giving part of the proceeds to the Hambabauran Community, a rural community in the municipality of Ubay located approximately 15 kilometers from the town center.

The Central Student Government, headed by its event chairperson, Ms. Emma Mae Bantugan, chose the Hambabauran Community for the cause in relation and in cooperation with YouthLead Philippines: Build a School Project. The major sponsors for the 6CycleMind Concert were Bohol Tropics Resort, Body & Sole, Disco Records Center, City Councilor Baba Yap, Pundok Panaghiusa and Lecel Printers. Present that evening were CSG President Mr. Louie Vincent Raotraot, SAO Director Ms. Nanelyn Wate, and the representatives from the Hambabauran Community.

The audience jumped off to excitement as soon as they saw the members of the 6Cyclemind appeared on stage. They got even more excited seeing Tuti Caringal, the leader and vocalist of the band, wearing the green Holynamian raglan t-shirt. Along with them was Kleggy from Banda ni Kleggy who also jammed with the band making the concert more lively and energetic. The Filipino rock group became more inspired to play and sing with their hit songs seeing that the crowd gave them a favorable and vigorous response. Truly, the CSG Concert for a cause featuring the 6Cyclemind band gave the Holynamians not just a concert, but an experience. It was not just simply buying tickets to a concert but giving their money for a cause. Indeed, the Concert For A Cause gave an awesome conclusion to the HNU Days 2013. (by Ma. Emilee Bantugan)


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