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Holynamians Reignite Spirit of Sportsmanship

The HNU Intramurals had a grand kick-off last September 4, 2012 with its opening program held at the Janssen Heights Oval, dynamically hosted and organized by the College of Business and Accountancy. The program started with a parade of contingents from the different colleges. Despite the downpour, everyone still woregleeful smiles upon the entrance of the different contestants for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals. The excitement of the spectators further heightened with the lighting of torchesformed like Olympic Rings.

As the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals competition started, everyone cheered for their respective contestants. The competition started with a production number where the contestants voiced out their opinion about how sports could promote tourism, relating to the theme, "Setting the Stage for Tourism through Sports."The College of Education claimed the Best in Production Number Award.

There was also an obstacle race prepared for the competition. It was a close fight but the College of Business and Accountancy proved that they deserved the victory spot. To maintain the momentum of the program, the Dancercise Competition started.The College of Education was hailed the Dancercise Champion and grabbed the Best Contingent Award. Mr. Henrich Licud and Ms. Christine Jay Ancog from the College of Business and Accountancy were crowned Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2012.

Baile On The Floor II

Students from the different departments jampacked the HNU Lesage gymnasium as the Baile on the Floor II was held on the night of September 4, a few hours after the opening ceremony of the Intramurals. Two contests were held, namely the Dancesport Competition and the Hiphop Competititon. Dance partners in their glistening attires competed in the Dancesport Competition. They were judged according to their performance in three Latin dance styles: chachacha, rhumba, and jive during their derby performance. Henrich Licud and Tifany Doydora of the College of Business and Accountancy sashayed their way to the first spot as they emerged as the Grand Champion of the said competition, besting four other pairs from the competing departments. Allen Lowell Painagan and Jeanne Nicole Penales from the College of Nursing won the second prize while Christian Jay Paquibot and Mary Shiela Lofranco from the College of Education got the third place.

The Hiphop Competition was participated by the hiphop dance groups from the six departments. Everyone in the gym witnessed very iconic and impressive dance moves during the group performance and was amazed with the display of swag and style during the showdown. This year's champion for the Hiphop Competition is the "Archiknights" representing the College of Nursing. The group "224" from the College of Business and Accountancy bagged the second prize, and "Infinite Loop" fromthe College of Computer Studies got the third prize.

Bibo Bates

Different genres of music filled the entire Bates Building as "HNU MALL: BIBO BATES! 2012" once again opened for this year's HNU Intramurals. In the morning of September 5, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held, headed by the HNU Mall Chairpersons, Ms. Emma Mae Bantugan and Mr. Christian James Dagupan. With them was the Director for Student Affairs, Ms. Nanelyn Wate; the CSG President, Vincent Louie Raotraot; and the entire CSG National Officers. Concurrent with the ribbon cutting ceremony was the opening of various businesses operated by the different Local Government Units (LGUs) and the Campus Student Organization(CSO).

The different booths operated within the HNU MALL were as follows: "MAIN! We Have It All" by the College of Business and Accountancy(CBA), "CAS-SI-AW Booth" by the College of Arts and Sciences(CAS), "DKM Mini Food Bar" by the College of Education(COED), "Bistro de Nightingale" by the College of Nursing(CON), "CCS-CREENVILLE" by the College of Computer Studies (CSS) and the "COEnemax" by the College of Engineering (COE). Holynamians were able to sit back, relax and enjoy while sipping their shakes or licking their ice cream as they were serenaded by the music brought by the CSG Talents who were able to bring the house down with dance moves and power vocals that rose to the level of a true professional artist.

Aside from the outstanding performance of the CSG Talents, some students also showcased their musical sideas they sang along and danced to the beat of the music and jammed with the crowd. On the afternoon of September 6, the judging of the different booths was held.Judges were Mr. Leomar Virador, CPA, Ms. Nanelyn D. Wate, Ll.B and Mr. Vincent Louie Raotraot, CSG President.

There was an open jamming session on the last day of the Intramurals. Holynamians who knew how to sing and play the guitar were invited to perform and jam along. The CSG National Officers also gave their performance together with the gorgeous and energetic emcee for the entire duration of Bibo Bates, Ms. Maryanne Apale. On September 7, the businesses and booths of the LGUs and CSO continued to operate until lunch time.


At around six in the evening of September 8, the grand closing ceremony, hosted by Ferome Jusgorge Almiñe, started with an electrifying performance by the CSG Talents. The intensity heightened as athletes from the different departments, each bearing a torch, had their parade of departmental banners. The awarding ceremonies immediately followed.

Mr. Raotraot, assisted by the BIBO Bates Chairpersons, Ms. Emma Mae Bantugan and Mr. Christian James Dagupan, graced the awarding for the winners of the Best Departmental Booth. The College of Engineering grabbed the 1st place while the College of Computer Studies and the College of Nursing got the 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

During the Intramurals, the Shoot Ta Bai! HNU Intramurals 2012 Photo Contest, co-sponsored by the Mass Communciators' Guild (MCG), was done. The following emerged as the winners who were able to capture the heart and soul of the HNU Intramurals: Nathaniel Cajes Buena, who had two winning entries, Ana Izabela Angela Petines, Charmaine Claros and Vince Benedict Chiu.

After awarding the winners of the different team sports, the awarding of the Over-All Champion shortly followed. The College of Business and Accountancy remained the undefeated victor. The College of Arts and Sciences succeeded as the 1st Runner Up while the College of Nursing landed as the 2nd Runner Up. To keep the crowd alive, there was a back-to-back presentation by the Hip-hop team dancers from the College of Nursing, and the College of Computer Studies, each team showcased their award-winning moves.

As the joyous Intramural Days drew close to an end, representatives from each department marched towards the flag pole area for the lowering of the departmental flags. University President, Fr. Francisco T. Estepa, SVD, gave his heartwarming congratulatory message for the success of the three-day occasion. With that being said, the College of Business and Accountancy, through a creative presentation by the Diwanag dancers, had the turnover of the lamp to the next host, the College of Education. Vice President for Administration, Fr. Vicente L. Uy, SVD, declared Intramural Days 2012 closed.

Right then, the night sky flashed sparkling lights of different colors as fireworks shoot across the sky. Spectators wowed as they watched the three-minute breathtaking night sky view. And to keep the crowd entertained for the rest of the night, an electrifying disco party was done at the HNU Oval with Cebu City's renowned Club DJ, DJ Ginoe Infernoe.


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