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Acquaintance Party 2012: A Big Bohemian Blast

Who said the world is going to end this year? If Nostradamus were here last July 20, 2012, he might have worn his Boho outfit and danced himself to the tune of party music. He would've sung Jay Sean's 2012 and sing, "Party like it's the end of the world” before the planet collapses to pieces.

But, it ain't the end of the world as the Holynamians, dressed in their stylish and unique Bohemian outfits, filled the HNU Lesage gymnasium for this year's Bohemian-inspired Acquaintance Party last July 20. This event also called for a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Central Student Government. The night was filled with cute ladies and dashing gentlemen wearing their gleeful smiles and laughter that chimed in together with the loud and booming party music.

An array of beautiful voices and amazing dance moves were also showcased as CSG's Department of Talents and Skills launched its CSG Talents. Moreover, the students got a chance to know former CSG presidents Mr. Fernan Zosua Dolotina and Mr. Joey Edward Arabejo, and heard their messages and words of thanks during the Parade of Presidents.

Finally, the night life in the gym arose to its peak as the Boho girls and boys had an all-out premiere band, the Estranghero. Truly, the Acquaintance Party was a great success as many students went home with happy smiles and contented faces that reflected their delight. It was such a big Bohemian blast!


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