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First Semester, SY 2007-2008


Sensitivity Sessions

The newly appointed Guidance Services Director, Dr. Grace M. Samson, scheduled a series of sensitivity sessions to all faculty members in the college department this SY, 2007-2008. This activity is geared towards self development and better understanding with one another. The schedules of the different colleges are as follows:

August- September-College of Nursing
October-College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, College of Engineering
November-College of Business & Accountancy
January -College of Computer Science

This activity is a new program introduced in the university.

Seminar-Workshop on Detecting and Handling Students With Problems

The Director of the Guidance Services Department spearheaded the seminar workshop on Detecting & Handling Students with Problems participated in by all the faculty members in all departments. The said seminar workshop enabled the participants to deepen their commitment and involvement in providing assistance to students with problems, and learned skills in detecting and handling students with problems. The said activity commenced last school year; however, those who were not able to attend it for one reason on another were given a chance to participate last August 11, 2007.

Pro-life Activities

Recruitment of new pro-life members was done by trained pro-lifers simultaneously in the different colleges last June 25-29, 2007 through room to room campaign. The 37 new recruits underwent a one-day orientation training at the HNU's multi media center last July 21,2007. The speakers include Mr. Stephen Garaygay, Ms. Kristine Joy Aca-ac, Ms. Reina Annibir Corre, and Dr. Grace M. Samson. The trained pro-lifers had their basic counseling skills training last July 22, 2007.

Meanwhile, regular departmental symposia were conducted to all third year students relative to the Pro-life objectives particularly on enhancing awareness of the life threatening issues regarding sexuality and the promotion of culture of life. Recipients of this service include the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Computer Science, and College of Nursing. The schedule of the remaining departments will be on the second semester this school year.

In order for us to be updated with current Pro-life issues, Mrs. Junith Angeli B. Pueblo and Ms. Corazon Agnes Saguin were sent to attend the Annual Human Life International Pilipinas National Convention held in Cebu Midtown Hotel, Cebu City last August 24-25, 2007.

Applying For A Job Symposium

Three sessions on "Applying For A Job" were held on August 11, 18, and 25, 2007. A total of 251 graduating students participated the activity. The activity was ably facilitated by the two invited resource speakers in the persons of Mrs. Michele Marie Rellita of the HNU Grade School Department and Ms. Lailane Husain of Unilever, Cebu City. Graduating students were enlightened on the following topics discussed: "The Cover Letter," "The Resume," and "The interview." They were grateful for having attended the activity. Below is the departmental attendance:

College of Computer Science48
College of Business & Accountancy116
College of Education74
College of Engineering 5
College of Arts & Sciences8

Drug Abuse Prevention

The "Drug Abuse Prevention Symposia," now on its third year of implementation, have the following schedules: July 14, 21, August 4, 11, 18, and September 22 & 29, 2007. Of the 34 CWTS 11 classes, 24 are done with their sessions already. With the collaboration of the Central Student Government, NSTP/CWTS Department, Student Affairs Office and the Guidance Services Department and with the support and cooperation of the City PNP, freshmen students are not only informed of the ill-effects of drugs but are also empowered to fight against drug abuse.

On September 22, 2007 the newly elected LGUs in all departments had their training on Basic Counseling Skills to enable them to interact and facilitate with co-students who have problems.

Student Circle Session

The Peer Counselor manned the Student Circle Session (SCS) from June 25 to August 4. For the convenience of the participants, they made themselves available both in the main and Bates campuses.

A huge number of freshmen from the ColOrr classes attended the session and most of them gave favorable comments on the activity and how it was being handled. However, as reflected in the evaluation, they expressed a negative impression regarding the availability of a conducive venue where sharing of personal concerns should take place appropriately. It is for this reason that the group opted for Saturday sessions but they also see the need for other students' preference to have it done during weekdays.

Despite the usual difficulties and inconveniences, our facilitators were able to serve a total number of 1,237 freshmen participants.

Peer Counselors' Evaluation and Retooling

On August 18, 2007, the Peer Counselors' Evaluation & Retooling was held with the theme "Working For and Working With Others." It was a whole day workshop spent at Ladaga Restaurant in Totolan, Dauis, Bohol which aims to acquire an understanding of the importance of relations in the workplace and define the true meaning of service. The first workshop was focused on their working relationships with their co-peers in the center, how they relate with each other while accomplishing their individual assignments. The second workshop, however, was based on their different experiences in handling the Students Circle Session with the group of freshmen.

One of the good things that took place was the sharing of their individual concerns, their weaknesses, lapses in doing their tasks, and the remedial ways they sought to correct them.

To quote one line of the best lesson they learned, "It takes a courageous heart and a strong mind to penetrate the being of another and understand them as they are."

International Students Assistance Program (ISAP)

In the year 2004, the university has opened its portal to foreign students. After having been granted by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students and through the school's online worldwide web, the school had been known internationally. This consequently attracted more students to enroll in out university. Because of this, HNU's Guidance Center has come up with a program to provide support to international students to enable them to achieve their socio-educational goals and objectives.

Mrs. Geraldine Josefa P. Efondol, one of the guidance staff, is specially assigned to handle the international students. An acquaintance party was held Last July 14, 2007 at Alona Vida Beach Resort, Panglao with Mr. Nilo Bulawin, Student Affairs Office Director as guest and co-facilitator of the said activity. The group enjoyed much as members were able to get to know and introduced each other well.

Another important event that took place was the election of officers for the group. Having a set of officers, which was just recently approved by the Student Activity Officer, Ms. Joan Llanos, the group is finally an official organization called HNU International Students Association (ISA) with a total of 12 active members. There were already a series of group sessions as well as individual counseling given to the members of the group. The main goals and objectives of ISAP are to help these students meet their academic and personal goals, and to foster cross-cultural understanding and learning among students, staff and faculty in the University and the surrounding community.


Parents-Youth Relationship Enrichment (PYRE)

The fourth year high school students for this school year embark on a new program with the collaborative efforts of the high school administration, guidance services department, and the campus ministry. What used to be a one-day-and-a-half retreat with the seniors for the past years is now turned into a two-day-and-a-half psycho-spiritual retreat with the special participation of the parents on the second day. Topics on self-awareness, family roots, communication, parenting and dialoguing were introduced to the participants as an addition to the usual confession and the Eucharistic celebration done during the retreats. The facilitators are 17 faculty, three guidance staff and five CM staff who themselves have experienced the same module during their trainors' training given by the trainors from the Family and Life Apostolate. These facilitators are divided into three teams and they will be handling 14 sessions with two sessions given simultaneously per weekend schedule. The first session started in July and last session will be sometime in November. The program reaped very positive evaluation from both the students and the parents after having been able to air out their concerns to each other which brought them closer as a family. Follow up sessions with the guidance counselor was also given to students with special concerns.

Counseling of Parents Using the Mooney Problem Checklist (MPCL) Result

The parents of the 298 second year students were given invitation letters by the guidance staff for a short session regarding the MPCL results of their child. The MPCL is a list of problems adolescents encounter in their lives. A good number of parents, approximately 22% or 66 out of 298, gave a positive reply to the invitation which paved way to a better understanding of their son's or daughter's adolescent lives. This program had been conducted yearly, but parents this year are giving a good response compared to the previous years.


Last July 31-August 2, 2007, Ms. Reina Annibir T. Corre, the Grade School Guidance Counselor went to Manila for an evaluation test to Philippine Psychological Corporation. Ms. Corre who directly handles testing functions in the Grade School Department was required to take the evaluation test for OLSAT, Children's Personality Questionnaire (CPQ), and High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ) before she can purchase these testing materials for both Elementary and High School Departments. The evaluation test is a requirement from the Philippine Psychological Corporation to personnel to assess their skills to administer, score and interpret selected mental and ability tests, and school-based personality tests.

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