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On Liturgy

Flores de Mayo

This year's May Devotion to our Blessed Mother hinged on the theme: Maria: Tinubdan sa Tanang Hiyas. It started on May 3 with a Eucharistic Celebration officiated by the University Chaplain, Fr. Andres B. Guban, SVD. Everyday (except weekends) at 4:30 in the afternoon, devotees gathered at the University Grotto for the prayer of the rosary, flower and candle offerings. BEC Clusters were assigned each day as sponsors to lead the prayers with corresponding daily sub-themes, depicting in the Visayan dialect the different virtues of our Blessed Virgin Mary. A Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Felino B. Javines, Jr., SVD on May 30 at 4:30 p.m. to culminate the annual Marian Devotion. A special tribute to Mama Mary was done during the post-communion. The entire celebrations led the community

members info imbibing the Marian dimension of faith.

Holy Spirit Mass Opens New School Year

There were five separate opening masses done at the start of classes to offer the new school year to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The theme was: Listen to the Voice that Moves... Transforms... and Leads to Life. The following were the scheduled opening masses, for the different departments. June 8, the Day High School (at 8:00 a.m.), and the Grade School (at 9:30 a.m.). Fr. Ernesto M. Lagura, SVD and Fr. Andres B. Guban, SVD were the respective main celebrants. On June 9 (at 7:00 p.m.), the Night High School held a mass with Fr. Ramilo V. Mapaye, SVD and on June 19, the College Department had it at the Main Campus (at 8:00 a.m.) with Fr. Ernesto M. Lagura, SVD and the Dampas Campus (at 4:30 p.m.) with Fr. Romeo P. Bancale, SVD.

Dedication Day to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the Holy Name University's annual traditions is to offer a Votive Mass consecrating and dedicating the whole institution to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus during the first Friday of July. The theme, "We Remember, We Rejoice, We Renew: The Language of the Heart" was culled from the SVD Centennial Celebration's theme which will be launched on September 7. It was held last July 6 at 8:00 in the morning at the Lesage Gymnasium. Fr. Felino B. Javines, Jr., SVD, the VP for Administration, was the main presider and homilist. The concelebrants were Frs. Mio Sombrio, Milo Mapaye, Andy Guban, and a guest Diocesan Clergy, Fr. Wilson Paculan.

Included in the liturgy was the renewal of commitment of the HNU Lay Liturgical Ministers (LLMs). Prior to their renewal, the group underwent a spiritual formation facilitated Fr. Andy Guban, SVD on July 4 at 5:30-8:00 p.m. There were 13 LLMs who renewed their promises to serve. Among those who made their renewal of vows during the Holy Mass were Bro. Eddie Babor, Bro. Nilo Bulawin, Bro. Cenon Agbayani, Bro. Henry Cardino, Bro. Pablo Baluma, Bro. Rufino Ocon, Bro. Jose Pabalan III, Bro. Temistocles Bongcac, Bro. Loreto Auxtero, Sis. Carlota Glovasa, Sis. Cristina Oncog, Sis. Junith Angelie Pueblo, and Sis. Lolita Dangoy.

Another highlight of the Liturgy was the communal consecration prayer and the festive floral offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus after the post-communion Prayer.


CM Staff Immersion in Busao

Four members of the CM Staff went to a parochial exposure in St. Isidore quasi-parish, Maribojoc, Bohol last April 4-8, 2007. The newly proclaimed Quasi-Parish located in Busao, Maribojoc is now under the pastoral care of Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD. Among those who visited, observed and gave assistance to their Lenten activities were Frt. Jojo Letada, SVD, Sr. Madel Equibal, MSM, Sr. Beth Logos, MSM and Ms. Nanelyn Wate with Sr. Mafe, MSM. Members of the HNU SVD Tagbilaran Community came occasionally to celebrate the Holy Eucharist either as main celebrant or concelebrants. It was a way of giving support and solidarity to the new SVD administered parish.


6th Batch of the AJS Reflection Seminar (Phase 1)

The faculty members of the High School Department together with their principal comprised the sixth batch of the HNU family who underwent the Arnold Janssen Spirituality Reflection Seminar which was held at Sisters of Christ the King Retreat House in Talibon last May 28-30, 2007. Fr. Andy, Fr. Milo, Sr. Gina, Sr. Jacqueline, and Nanelyn composed the AJS Team which facilitated the said 3-day spiritual formation as part of the CM formation program for to the faculty. It was then hoped that this CM's banner program gave the participants understanding and appreciation of the life of St. Arnold and the other members of the Founding Generation; and that their discoveries and learnings be lived as witnesses to the WORD.

9th Biennial AJF Panagtapok Bohol

The ninth gathering of the Arnold Janssen Family Kadugong Bol-anon tagged as AJF Panagtapok was held last May 5, 2007 at the HNU Gym. The theme was "Arnold Janssen Banay'ng Bol-anon: Padayon sa Balaang Misyon". Fr. Eduardo R. Rocha, SVD officiated the Holy Mass with 18 SVD concelebrants. There were around 238 Boholano AJF members composed of SVD priests, brothers and SSpS sisters with their families, relatives and friends who joined the bi-annual AJF Grand Reunion. The Panagtapok answered all the CM objectives, one of which is to sustain the spirit of solidarity and oneness. The following new set of officers were elected: President - Mrs. Socorro Lagura-Nacua, Vice-President - Ms. Aurora Espuelas, Treasurer - Ms. Vevinciola Estrada, Auditor - Atty. Ben Cinches. Bishop Arturo M. Bastes, SVD, D.D. also graced the occasion as one of the concelebrants and gave the blessing to the officers and to the whole assembly as well.


Spiritual Enrichment of HNU Faculty and Staff

During and even after the season of Lent, different departments visited the CM office for assistance for spiritual enrichment. Some office staff facilitated the session while others had Fr. Guban as their retreat master. One of the requests came from the non-academic personnel. They had their two-day live-out retreat on April 2-3, 2007 at St. Philip Retreat House in Albur Bohol. Since not all of those who requested can be accommodated in the scheduling and some others preferred to have retreat masters from the outside, many just asked for financial support. The Office did not hesitate to answer their need for spiritual growth.

Orientation to New HNU Family Members

To give the neophyte members of the HNU family a glimpse of our Christian Character and Dimension, the Campus Ministry Director was asked to introduce the CM Program not only to first year students, but also to the new faculty and staff as well. Students and parents of the Grade and High Schools were also given the same program presentation. Such an orientation gave the participants an awareness and understanding of the holistic thrust of our University being a Catholic institution with a goal that every Holynamian will realize his/her dream to be a Catholic professional leader of society and to become an authentic witness to the Word.

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