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Hereunder is the enrollment profile of colleges/departments this school year compared to that of school year 2006-2007.

Of the eight colleges/departments three of them experienced increases. The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) formerly College of Commerce and Accountancy (COCA) had an additional of 114 students, from 2,232 to 2,346 or 5.10%. This figure is largely accounted by new programs notably Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) and Tour and Travel Management (TTM) still under the supervision of the CBA.

As expected the College of Nursing moved up from 1,625 to 1,908 an increase of 283 students or 17.42%. The uptrend was accounted by the bigger number of students in the first year and the upper sophomore and junior years. It is projected that the CON clientele would move up to about 2,100 by school year 2008-2009.

Among undergraduate colleges, the College of Education experienced the biggest drop from 968 down to 865 or a 10.64% downtrend. The College of Arts and Sciences, 8% drop from 657 to 649 (1.22). The College of Law dropped from 114 to 95, a 16.67% decrease. This enrollment decline may be attributed to the aggressiveness of other schools to campaign for more students or it could be explained by the economic situation these days as most law students are working students. The Graduate School Department had an additional of 55 students, from 142 to 197 or 38.73%. It is noted that majority of the clinical instructors (CI's) in this institution are pursuing graduate studies.

In sum, the overall profile shows that the college increased by 217 students from 6,991 to 7,208, a 3.10% increase.

The high school department also had a decrease of 58 students from 1,465 to 1,407. The elementary department made a slight increase from 947 to 949, an increase of two pupils.

The university-wide enrollment increased from 9,403 to 9,564 or an increase of 161 students or 1.71 percent.

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