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The College of Arts and Sciences have six new faculty members this first semester, S.Y. 2007-2008.

In the Math and Sciences Department, Ms. Cristina Oncog, an MA in Science Teaching is an addition to the department's roster. She had been connected with the High School Department for many years.

Dr. Josefina Clarete, made a comeback to HNU after having been away for one whole year. She taught Sciences subjects in the USA, but found the environment not really what she expected. According to her, to be a teacher in the USA is compensating, however there is really no place like home! That is why she decided to come home. Welcome back Jo!

Mr. Legardo Palaca is a MAEducation major in Social Studies. He has had teaching and administrative experiences in the public schools. He joined the high school faculty last year and now has joined the CAS. Mr. Palaca is also teaching part-time in the College of Education for Social Studies subjects.

Mrs. Maria Jannettes B. Renegado is a former teacher in BIT and had taught there for many years. She decided to have other school environment and tried her luck at HNU. She now teaches Filipino subjects and some English subjects. She is a Filipino and English major-minor respectively. She is currently enrolled in her Thesis 1 at HNU Graduate school.

Mrs. Miraflor Camamao has finished 30 units in MA in English. She lacks the comprehensive exams. She had taught English at the University of Cebu for two years. Having gotten married to a Boholano, she and her husband decided to transfer their residences in Bohol. Mrs. Camamao now teaches Englich subjects.

Mr. Robert Relativo is a Licensed Criminologist, had taught Criminology major subjects in Crystal-E College last year. He finished his B.S. Criminology from the University of Bohol. He now teaches Criminology subjects in HNU.

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