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Fr. Bancale Presents HNU to Chinese Educators

All ears and eyes wide open. This was the reaction of the top administrators of the Zhangzhou Normal University (ZNU) of the Fujian Province when the HNU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Fr. Romeo P. Bancale, SVD, presented to them the HNU history and profile in a formal meeting at 9:00 A.M. on November 4, 2008 in the Conference Hall of the YIFU Building of ZNU.

Admittedly, this writer developed a feeling of inadequacy about HNU when he saw that ZNU is a giant school sprawling on a more than 90-hectare lot dotted with high-rise buildings equipped with world-class facilities. However, the feeling disappeared when, in a humble demeanor, Fr. Bancale succinctly told the HNU success story to the ZNU administratorswho came in full force to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two universities. The ZNU administrators were in full attention when Fr. Bancale gave details of the history and achievements of a humble university in a small proince of a third world country, with the aid of photo and video clips. Purposely, the ZNU administrators designated an interpreter to translate what was said and presented to ensure full understanding. Convinced of the HNU credentials, the ZNU president, Mr. Wang Fuxing, wanted that the MOU be signed immediately to which Fr. Bancale courteously explained that he didn't have the capacity to sign it on behalf of the HNU President. However, he assued that the HNU will send the signed copy of MOU the soonest after he returns to the Philippines.

Form the reactions of the ZNU administrator it can be intuitively said that they were impressed by the sterling track record of HNU - a university that is small in its greatness but great in its smallness.

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