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Ms. Agnes Saquin, college guidance counselor in the College of Arts and Sciences, ably organized the first peer counselors’ homecoming, with the theme, “Once a PC, Always a PC” on March 29, 2008 at Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City where the alumni and present members of the peer counselors gathered together for a night of solidarity and friendship.

The participants were honored by the presence of Dr. Princesita Buma-at, who just retired as guidance director and who graced the evening with her welcome remarks, while Atty. John Titus Vistal, a former peer counselor, inspired everyone with his talk on “The Beauty of Being in Service.” The showcase of talents gaily performed by the peer counselors added to the very light and entertaining atmosphere throughout the evening. As a culminating activity, the participants took home with them friendship bands to represent the sense of oneness among the members and the ceramic shoe as souvenir to symbolize the unique footprint that each PC would impart to make a difference.

Kristine Aca-ac

The guidance staff spent a two-day interpersonal session and retooling in Carlos P. Garcia and its islands last April 10-11, 2008. The trip gave the guidance personnel much awaited respite from the usual work to savor the freshness and beauty of a different environment. It was an opportunity to mingle with the people living on those islands and learn about their means of earning their keep. The guidance staff greatly enjoyed the evening sessions on a bamboo still-house perched high in the middle of the sea under an impressive canopy of stars. Indeed, the guidance staff took away many things from that experience, among all others, the unforgettable warmth and hospitality of the people they encountered as well as a great sense of contentment for that unique and amusing experience, which enhanced the bonds essential for these colleagues who constantly work together in the same direction.

Mr. Stephen Garaygay

Mr. Stephen Garaygay, COCS guidance counselor, attended a four-week “Sign Language Basic Training” in Dao Diamond, Tagbilaran City, under the tutelage of Mr. Wayne Duncan III, an American Peace Corp volunteer. After the training, Mr. Garaygay ably organized a month long first sign language class held at Holy Name University, with 42 students. The culmination ceremony was held at the Academic Conference Room, where participants gladly received their certificates from Fr. Romeo P. Bancale, SVD Vice President for Academic Affairs, assisted by Dr. Grace Samson, Guidance Director. A brief “socials” followed right after the program.


Ms. Agnes Saguin, CAS guidance counselor, initiated a new program called “Gabay Buhay” for college students who are married and single parents. During their first session on "Self Discovery," they were able to identify activities that will facilitate in responding to their needs and problems. An exercise on spiritual journey will be done on August 9, 2008 to be facilitated by Fr. Ruel Gado, SVD, Director-Campus Ministry. More activities will follow to further enhance their growth and development as young parents.


The Guidance Director spearheaded the academic and the non-academic departments for the support of the prayer rally on July 29, 2008. The said rally aimed to give massive information about the controversial bill on reproductive health which is now pending in congress.


The Guidance Office is starting to distribute a maiden guidance brochure to all offices in the academic and the non-academic sectors for them to become aware of the services it renders.

Kristine Joy Aca-ac

Ms. Kristine Joy Aca-ac, CBA Guidance Counselor, conducted a two half-day separate sessions on the motivational support program held last June 28 and July 12, 2008 at the Engineering Lecture Room. The first group was attended by the CBA, COCS, and CON students, while the second group was for the COE, COED, and CAS students. A total number of 80 selected participants attended the seminar-workshop. The facilitators, Mrs. Louriza Lagahit, Mrs. Janelle Orig, Mrs. Geraldine Efondol, Mrs. Junith Angeli Pueblo, and Ms. Reina Anniber Corre created a positive learning atmosphere that encouraged the participants to move forward despite difficulties or past mistakes. The workshops consisted of inspirational talks and structured learning exercises for the participants to bring home important lessons on positive outlook and growth.


A half-day departmental symposium on pro-life with a theme “Building a Culture of Life, Amidst Culture of Death” was conducted last July 26, 2008 at the Engineering Lecture Room. The participants came from the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Computer Science.

Reina Anniber Corre

The Grade School Guidance Center, together with the Clinic and Campus Ministry, conducted a one-day orientation program and tour to all transferees at the High School Multi Media Center, last June 10, 2008. The activity was geared towards awareness of the different services of the Grade School department and at the same time acquaint the transferees to the new environment.

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