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The Holy Name University-Council for Student Personnel Services core group (Campus Ministry, Guidance Services Center, Student Affairs Office and Clinic) sponsored a forum on June 14, 2008 held at the Lesage Audio Visual Hall.

Dr. Ligaya Anacta-Acoste (the Executive Director of Human Life International-Asia) was the guest speaker. In her talk, she alerted participants to the dangers of “Reproductive Health Program Campaign” and presented examples of books and printed materials that provide misleading information which would potentially deceive children and young adults who may have access to those materials. Further, she talked about the condom and pill deception and the abortifacient effects of contraceptives. She encouraged participants to use natural family planning which is very safe, having no side effects and no expenses to incur. She maintained that the solution to society’s problem lies not in population control, but in bringing back the dignity and sanctity of life.

The forum was well attended by fulltime faculty members in all colleges, high school, and elementary departments and the CSPS staff. Fr. Romeo P. Bancale, SVD, Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivered the welcome address, while Fr. Andres Guban, SVD, Vice President for Administration, in his statement of purpose, highlighted the dire need to work against the culture of death among the youths, making it imperative to provide them with the right education and formation. A Holy Mass culminated the activity at the HNU main chapel with Fr. Ruel Gado, SVD, Campus Ministry Director, as officiating priest. A plaque of appreciation and token were given to the resource speaker by Dr. Grace M. Samson, Director, Guidance Services before the end of the mass. As a premier Catholic institution HNU takes the challenge of forming the youth towards a greater appreciation and value for the gift and sacredness of human life making it a mode Pro-Life institution.

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