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In words that sparkle with zeal and optimism, Fr. Ernesto M. Lagura, SVD, the HNU President, delivered his first State of the University Address to the faculty and office personnel on June 28, 2007 in the main gymnasium. In his speech, the President underscored the gains and goals of his administration. His speech highlighting the remarkable achievements of the University was not a mere rundown of motherhood statements and laundry list of wishes. His claims were supported with facts and statistics made comprehensible through the powerpoint presentation.

Just as the President stressed the University's achievements, he also identified the possible threats that would hinder the school's initiative of pursuing its goals should these threats are not handled properly. To overcome these threats, the President emphasized that the members of the HNU family have to develop cohesiveness and sense of buy-in or ownership of the school's making. He hinted at the need to think not only locally but also globally and to exert more concerted efforts for the attainment of higher objectives.

In the light of the above direction, Fr. President underscored in his report the following salient features:

Population. The President noted the modest increase of the school employees and student population. As of the first semester of the current school year, the university has 9, 544 students compared to 9, 405 of the first semester of the previous school year. The notable increase in the college enrolment is in the College of Nursing and in the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Service Management of the College of Business and Accountancy. The number of employees has also increased to 496 excluding the utility and security personnel. About 300 working scholars render janitorial and clerical services to the University.

Human Resource Development. About 34 faculty members were given scholarship privileges for their master's and doctorate studies. As of the first semester of 2006-2007, the following is the number of grantees per department: CAS-14; COED-2; CBA-2; COE-2; CON-3: COCS-1; GS-1;Lib Sci-1; High School-3 and Grade School-2.

Performance in Licensure Examinations. The graduates' performance in various licensure examinations is within the University's target. In fact, the University's percentage in these examinations highly exceeds the national passing rate, indicating that the University's instruction is highly relevant and responsive to the national development goals. As of school year 2006-2007, the College of Accountancy had been ranked third nationwide, the College of Civil Engineering, and Electronics and Communications Engineering 16th and 14th respectively. The following is the profile of the performance of graduates in licensure examinations:

CourseNational%HNU%National RankRegional Rank
CPA24393 (among schools which had 25-50 takers)1
CE35.4957.1416 (among schools which had 10 takers)1
ECE33.644414 (among school which had 10-20 takers)1

*not indicated in the national results

As of the latest release of results in April and May of 2007, the performance has this trend:


The College of Law has four passers. New names were also added to the University's long list of topnotchers: Warren Yap ( Accountancy) - 2nd place; Engr. Andres Santiago (CE) - 8th place, and Ms. Emeline Tan ( Nursing) - 8th place.

Infrastructure. The sprawling new Scanlon Building was blessed last February 14, 2007. The building houses the College of Arts and Sciences and the new library. The President also reported the following developments related to infrastructure:

  • Offices of the Administrators and the laboratories were transferred to the Scanlon Building of Janssen Campus.
  • Cabinet members will have satellite offices in the said building.
  • A new PAASCU Room was established in the Bates Building.
  • A new volleyball court was constructed between the tennis court and the track and field at the Janssen Campus.
  • College of Law classroom, library, Dean's office, and faculty lounge and the conference room will all be transferred to the third floor of the main building.
  • Other developments include face-lifting of the stage and repair of bleachers in the main gym; renovation of the audio-visual room in the main campus; creation of two additional conference rooms; face-lifting of the main lobby; repainting of the main building; and improvement of the viewing deck.

  • The office of the Dean of CBA will be transferred to the fourth floor of the main building.

Accreditation and Autonomy. The Grade school and High School Departments were granted Level II accreditation by PAASCU; the CAS, CBA, and COED - Level III; and Civil Engineering - Level I. The Technical Working Group is currently preparing the report related to Institutional Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Assurance (IQUAME) for Higher Education. The report will be used as supporting document for the University's application for an extension of the autonomous status.

Targets. Recognizing the trilogy of functions of a University, the President outlined the school's strategic directions as follows:

  • Greater involvement in both institutional and contract researches;
  • Improvement in instruction through selection of new faculty, more scholarship grant, in service training, pursuit of graduate studies, observance of policy of maximum teaching load, and retention policy.
  • Full-time teachers' rendering 8-hour working day for his/her job and co-curricular involvements.
  • Christian Dimension program through liturgical services, recollections, retreats, mobilization of BE, and integration of gospel values in every academic discipline.

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