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"Bringing Out The Best," still bearing this year’s theme of the Campus Student Organizations activities, officers of the various recognized student organizations of the university heeded the invitation of the Student Activities and Women’s Affairs Office in the conduct of leadership training and teambuilding last Feb. 23-24, 2008.

Ably and gamely facilitated by Mr. Dennis Jayectin, MBE and Ms. Cheryl Calope, MBA, faculty members of the College of Business and Accountancy, the entire event was filled with significant learning and realization that absolutely made an impact on the young lives of these budding professionals. Living up to the change of time without slipping into the comfort zone or worse, becoming apathetic, is one challenge that apparently the youth of today are oblivious of. Or if they are aware, they are not necessarily affected because they are mostly concerned with other issues in life and in living beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Hence, the office of the Student Activities and Women's Affairs took the initiative to raise the consciousness of the student-leaders for their active involvement in socio-political, environmental, gender, and spiritual dimension of life in the hope that it would make them appreciate what they already have while at the same time aim for what can make them even better not only as students but as conscientious citizens of the republic. Helping students to overcome indolence is the tall order that the office advocates and wants to instill in these future leaders of the country.

Set in an idyllic location, the venue at the Balay Kahayag in Upper Laya, Baclayon, provided the most suitable ambience for this journey to oneself and commitment to one's organization.

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