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Four additional newcomers have recently inked a pact to be under the Arnoldus fold.

Mrs. Adelwisa Balatayo Adaptar is one of these. Rubbing elbows with the seasoned Holy Namian teachers is not new to Mrs. Adaptar since she is a returnee. She was once a substitute teacher assigned in the Arnoldus Campus.

Mrs. Adaptar resides in Lindaville Subdivision Phase I, Tagbilaran City. She spent her high school years at CVSCAFT. She then moved to South Western University in Cebu City, where she obtained her degree in BS Medical Technology, her first course. Upon the prodding of her mother who is a retired teacher, she took BSED qualifying units major in English at HNU, and luckily passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2002.

Before boarding the teaching vessel, Mrs. Adaptar was connected with the Philippine National Red Cross and the Provincial Health office since she has enough background in medical-related concerns. Then, she found herself doing the teaching job at Holy Cross Academy in Tubigon and later at Bohol International Learning Center.

Nevertheless, the idea of becoming a full-time member of HNU's growing family is what she always holds. Thus, when the bright opportunity knocked at her door, she took it with much delight, knowing that she would be in her dream home for the second time.

Mrs. Adaptar is now handling English II and III, and at the same time Mrs. Orcullo's co-pilot in manning the English Club.

She is happily married to Mr. Rhonell Joseph Adaptar, and they are blessed with two kids.

Another visible figure in the High School Campus is Mrs. Cecilia Cordova, a native of Tagbilaran City. Mrs. Cordova is a real example of a true blue Holy Namian, having finished her grade school, high school and college years in this institution. It is here where she got hold of her degree in BSED major in Home Economics.

Prior to her teaching job at HNU, Mrs. Cordova tried her luck in various places including Japan, but obviously, her Holynamian spirit led her back to where she had once belonged.

Presently, she is handling TLE with the freshmen and the sophomores, and taking full charge of the Home makers Club. Likewise, she is also on the process of completing her master's thesis which specializes MATVE.

She is happily married to Mr. Casimiro Cordova. They have two children.

The High School Campus Ministry's door is in the rejoicing mood upon the entrance of a new staff-Sr. Annabelle S. Lamsen, OSF, the youngest daughter of Mr. Leonardo Lamsen and Mrs. Elizabeth Sanchez Lamsen. Sr. Anna, a Pangasinense, studied at Salisay Elementary School and at Dagupan City National High School respectively. After high school graduation, she directed her steps to Luzon University to take up B.S. Journalism.

Sr. Anna is an epitome of leadership and academic excellence considering that she had been a consistent most outstanding student in the respective learning institutions where she set her foot into. In the same manner, she had been into various trainings and seminars such as the YMCA Summer Youth Camp, College Scholar Leadership Training, YMCA International Youth Camp, YMCA Intercultural Work, and Light in Spirit Single Encounter to name a few.

Why didn't she follow Korina Sanchez and Jessica Sojo's footsteps? The answer is Sr. Anna's passion to serve in the apostolic ministry is more compelling than what a journalist could do. For this reason, she has chosen and finally decided to be the Philippines' version of Mother Theresa. Further, she longs to teach especially the children- another proof of her strong religious instinct. Although she was stunned when she was informed of her new assignment at HNU, she eventually finds her stint here become more challenging and more enjoyable as she interacts with the employees and the students each day

Mrs. Margie Taray's new assignment to the Finance Office left a vacuum in the Principal's office as far as clerical-related tasks are concerned. However, the arrival of the new secretary filled the said space.

Among the new faces visible in the High School ground is that of a small but terrible, Mrs. Joan Contreras- Tenajeros, a resident of Katayngan, Mansasa District of this City.

Being a class valedictorian from Mansasa Elementary School, and being a resident scholar from high school to college at DWC now HNU, several companies showed strong interest in Mrs. Tenajero's proficiency. Among these are the Winnves Corporation, Fashion One, and JMTan Lubes Center, Inc. wherein her work assignments ranged from being an Executive Secretary, Bookkeeper, Payroll In-Charge, and Accounts Specialist.

It is for these reasons that she does not consider her recent assignment as Dr. Cardino's new secretary, a baptism of fire, knowing that her exposure to her line of duty had already been proven and intensively tested.

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