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The College of Education implemented new programs in an effort to improve further the quality of instruction and to empower students.

Assignment of Year Level Adviser. To foster a stronger student-teacher relationship, teacher-advisers have been assigned to each year level in the Department. This initiative is in response to the recommendation to strengthen feedback mechanisms, made by the Institutional Quality Assurance Monitoring (IQUAME) team who visited the University in December 2008.

Appointed year level advisers are Dr. Restituto Balabat and Mrs. Bernarose Cadigal - first year; Mr. Ted Bryan Ladaran and Mrs. Teresita Limboy - second year; Mr. Barnetted Tatad and Mrs. Lourdes de la Serna - third year; and Mrs. Jaremilleta Arawiran and Mrs. Jackelyn Fajardo - fourth year.

Knowledge Circle Sessions. This program is put in place in order to enrich students' competence in professional and specialization courses. With the supervision of the year-level advisers and the LGU officers, students were grouped by 10. A student facilitator is assigned in each group and he/she will facilitate professional sharings which start with identifying topics for discussion. Each group will meet regularly at 4:30-5:00 (TTh Schedule) schedule to discuss the topics in courses already taken and do peer mentoring. Attendance during sessions is strictly monitored and students who miss the schedule will attend make up sessions.

Mid-Course Achievement Test. The Department took initial steps in the development of a mid-course achievement test which covers general, professional and specialization courses which students had taken from their first year to the third year stay in the College of Education. With 300 items, the questions will be formulated by all teachers handling the aforementioned cluster of courses. Expectedly, the current year is slated for the completion of the test development process so that the test can be implemented next year. The results of the test will serve as basis in academic coaching which likely includes recommendations for students to sit in classes where they are found to have deficiency with.

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