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To strengthen its teaching force, the College of Education availed of the services of six new faculty members who are all master's degree holders.

Ms. Jaremilleta M Arawiran is a familiar face in the campus because she used to be a fulltime faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. Bubbly and dynamic, Miss Arawiran is an asset to the Department, she being a fifth placer in 2005 National Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). A resident of Totolan, Dauis, Bohol, she completed her qualifying units in teacher education in this institution. She completed her BS in Mathematics at the Ateneo de Manila University and her Master of Mathematics at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City where, she is also pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Research and Evaluation.Miss Arawiran teaches Education and Field Study courses.

Another topnocher who joined the Department is Mr. Jose Pabalan III, a third placer in the 2001 LET. Mr. Pabalan used to teach at the Grade School Department. Versatile and technology-oriented, Mr. Pabalan teaches MAPEH, Basic Electricity and other Technology and Livelihood Education Courses. He completed his BEED and Master in Educational Administration and Supervision in this University.

Mrs. Rafunzel Y. Bulilawa is not totally a stranger to HNU because she earned her secondary education in this institution. She earned her BSED major in Physical Education from the University of San Carlos and her Master of Arts in Teaching PE from the Southwestern University. Rafunzel as fondly called by her friends is the daughter of Mrs. Hydia Ladaran a PE instructor who retired starting school year 2009-2010. Before she joined the COED Family, Mrs. Bulilawa had taught in one of the higher education institutions in Tagbilaran City for 13 years. Currently, she teaches PE and MAPEH courses in the COED.

Mrs. Lourdes De la Serna is one of the most valued teachers of the High School Department, having taught in the said department for almost three decades. A resident of Lourdes, Panglao, Bohol, Mrs. De la Serna earned her Bachelor of Science in Home Economics (BSHE) from this university and her Master in Home Economics from the Cebu Normal University. She easily earned the respect and admiration of her students with her humily and self-effacing stance. Expert in culinary arts, Mrs. De la Serna handles Technology and Livelihood Education and Field Study Courses.

Mrs. Jackelyn A. Fajardo is a resident of Mandaue City, Cebu. Before joining the HNU wagon, Mrs. Fajardo had taught at PRIME Center-Cebu, a school for special children, for five years. Jacky as fondly by friends holds a BEED in General Science which she earned from the Cebu Normal University. It is in the same school where she completed her Master in Special Education with specialization in Teaching Mental Retardates. The College of Education is lucky to have her because her hands-on experience in teaching exceptional and special education pupils gave her sufficient knowledge and enabled her to share with her students concrete teaching events and practical examples of handling special learners. She currently teaches Special Education and Pre-school Education course.

Mrs. Arlene Barbarona-Loquias is also a familiar figure in the campus, she having been connected with the Grade School Department for more than ten years. Mrs. Loquias completed her BEED and Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary School Subjects in this university. Innovative and highly resourceful, Mrs. Loquias handles Pre-school and Special Education courses. Admittedly, she felt pressured with her new lesson preparations but she considered these pressures as challenges in her effort to explore a wider professional milieu. With unquestionable commitment, Mrs. Loquias spends long hours in school even if she has no classes, just to make intensive preparations for her lessons.

With the qualification and commitment of these new teachers, the College of Education is very optimistic that it can attain its goals and strategic directions. To the new faculty, welcome to the COED Family!

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