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Economic Issues

Eight out of ten (85%) Boholanos live in their own houses while few (11%) stay in houses owned by relations and employers. A slight majority (64%) owns the lot while one third (27%) use the lots owned by relations and employers. Ninety four percent (94%) of Boholano households have toilets Eight out of ten (82%) households in the Province have electricity; six out of ten (61%) have television while seven out of ten have radio (73%). Seven out of ten (67%) Boholano households have access to running water with District 2 having only 46% of households having access to it as against the 90% of District 1 and 82% of District 3. It is in Tagbilaran City that an overwhelming majority (92%) of the households have access to running water.

Six out of 10 (60%) Boholano household heads think that they are poor and they only need P 10,000 per month in order to surpass poverty. Very few (3%) say they are not poor and they likewise need P 10,000.00 per month to beat poverty. Comparing this result with last year’s, there is an increase of 100% from P 5,000 to P 10,000.

Few (17%) of the Boholanos say that their present quality of life is better (gainers) 12 months ago against the 55% who say otherwise (losers). Across economic classes, Class E posts the lowest net gainers (gainers minus losers) at -47 with class ABC posting a positive net gainer of +3. In terms of how Boholanos perceive the quality of their lives 12 months from now, pessimists (31%) outnumber the optimists (25%) producing a negative net optimists rating of seven points (-7).

Adult unemployment rate in the Province is 12%. This covers those who are not working but looking for work. Unemployment is highest in the 18-24 age group (25%). The current unemployment rate is lower compared to last year’s (17%).

Twenty three percent of the Boholanos are engaged in farming and other agriculturally related occupation.

Political Issues

All the Boholanos (100%) are aware that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the President of the Philippines. Her net satisfaction rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) has bounced back to +3 from her last year’s -3 points. Across districts, district 3 gives the highest net satisfaction rating of +12 points with Tagbilaran giving her the least at -18.

Vice-President Noli de Castro’s awareness is very high at 96% where a slight majority (64%) is satisfied with his performance and a plurality (16%) is dissatisfied resulting to a +44 net satisfaction rating.

Awareness of Erico Aumentado as Governor of the Province is likewise high at 98%. A great majority (82%) of the Boholanos is satisfied with his performance while few (8%) say otherwise. Net satisfaction rating is high at +77, 5 points lower than last year’s round.

An overwhelming majority (94%) of Boholanos is aware that Julius Caesar Herrera is the Vice-Governor of the Province. His net satisfaction rating is down by ten points at +51.

For this round, the highest net performance rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) of the Provincial Government is in the promotion of tourism (+39). This is followed by the province’s program of protecting the environment (+36). The net performance rating of the Provincial Government in ensuring adequate food supply posts the highest increase at 26 points. It is now at +17 points compared to -9 last year. The next highest increase in satisfaction rating is on the province’s program of providing support for the promotion of agriculture. This posts an increase of +20 points from +2 to +22.

Boholano’s opinion on the number of government employees in Bohol who are competent and capable of providing quick service delivery is generally concentrated on “most of them” and “some of them” responses. Three out of 10 (29%) Boholanos have the opinion that most of the government employees in Bohol are wasting official time.

Three out of ten Boholanos (30%) have visited government offices in the past 6 months. From among the 28%, the top 5 offices these Boholanos are most satisfied with in terms of services they get are the Governor’s Office-Provincial Capitol (4.0%), Treasurer’s Office – Loay (3.7%), Mayor’s Office-Loon (3.5%), BIR – Loon (2.7%) and Treasurer’s Office (Pilar).

The incidence of bribery in government offices in Bohol as experienced by the Boholanos is very low at 1.6%. Government offices with employees asking for bribe money are LTO-Tagbilaran (1.1%), LTO-Jagna (0.4%), DENR – Provincial Office (0.1%) and City Government of Tagbilaran – Business Permit Section (0.1%).

The City Government’s net performance rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) is highest in Traffic Management (+40). This is an increase of 6 points from last year’s. This is followed by “ensuring the adequacy of drinking water” at +36 although this is 29 points lower than last year’s (+65). The City Government’s net performance rating in reducing graft and corruption decreased from +9 last year to -7 this year.

Boholano’s most important problem is economic in nature (70%) which includes the lack of livelihood (33%), high cost and scarcity of food (16%) and unemployment (6%).

Social Issues

Fifty-two percent (52%) of the Boholanos consider the seriousness of illegal drug as not a problem at all in their locality. Very few (7%) say it is a serious problem while few (15%) say it is somewhat serious. An overwhelming majority (90%) is not aware or does not know of anybody who is selling illegal drugs.

Close to half (49%) of the Boholanos agrees to the statement that “women are good only for the management and care of the family and other church activities” while the other half (49%) agrees that “it is more fitting for women to actively participate in political and other affairs which are headed by men”. Compared to last year’s result, a decrease of 11% is seen on the Boholano’s perception that women are good only for the management and care of the family and other church activities, and a shift to the perception that women should also participate in political and other affairs which are dominated by men (49%).

Nine out of ten (89%) Boholanos agree to the statement that they have not seen any armed men or rebels in their place while the rest (10%) agree that the presence of armed men or rebels in their place is again felt by them.

Identical to last year’s survey result, wife battering has the highest awareness rating in the Province at 29% followed by physical abuse of children by parents (20%). Second district has the highest awareness rating of wife battering (43%). Husband battering and rape of children by a family member account for 15% and 14% respectively.

For this round, HNU included some Social Weather Stations (SWS) questions on reproductive Health. Boholanos agree to the statements that there is a population growth problem in Bohol (46%), that population growth increases poverty incidence ( 54%) and that population growth worsens environmental degradation (43%). Likewise Boholanos agree that 15-24 years old students should be given adolescent health education in school (84%) and be given family planning information and services (75%). On the other hand, Boholanos disagree to the statement that an unmarried pregnant woman should stop going to school (62%) and that the use of condom (57%), IUD (55%) and pills (54%) are considered as means of abortion. Moreover, Boholanos believe that men and women have equal opportunities in society (73%), that the Church has a clear program for the promotion of natural family planning (75%) and that the Church interferes in the government program on reproductive health (48%).

On the proposed Reproductive Health Bill, close to half of the Boholanos (46%) claimed that they are previously aware of this while a majority (54%) claimed that they just heard of this Bill only now. It should be noted that based on the SWS Survey released on October 16, 2008 the national rating for “previously aware” is at 46% and “learned of it just now” at 54%. Majority (52%) of Boholanos are in favor of the proposed bill as compared to those who are not in favor (17%), thus a net rating of +36.

A slight majority of the Boholanos (64%) disagree to the statement that there is no hope for Bohol. Net agreement of the issue is -52 since there are more Boholanos who disagree to the statement. There is an increase of the net agreement on the issue from -59 to -52. (Jojo Villocido, Abe Mijares and Bjo Cemine).

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