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The Grade School Faculty and Staff headed to Subic last April 1, 2009 via Manila. They stayed at the FSC Forest Complex where they were housed in igloos which were built by the Americans when Subic became their Naval Base.

Highlights of the tour were visits to Zoobic Safari, Ocean Adventure and Jungle Joe's World. At Zoobic, all dropped their jaws when they saw the humongous tigers in cages; one of the largest was a White Siberian. Led by a guide, the faculty and staff were introduced to a wide variety of animals which most of them saw for the first time: albino carabaos, reindeers, camels, squirrels, peacock, lion, llamas, among others. Then, the group, in batches, were made to ride in armored jeepneys to have a close encounter with the tigers. Enticed by a dressed chicken which was fed to them, tigers hit the sides of the vehicle and even climbed on the roof which made the passengers scream and shriek with both fear and amusement. A small group of Aetas delighted the visitors with their ethnic song and dances which they performed gracefully.

At the Ocean Adventure Park, the first show which charmed the HNU GS group featured a sea lion named Coby. Accordingly, he is the beach master among the sea lions in the park and is considered to be the best performer of them all. Then all were ushered to an outdoor area for the second show featuring a group of international divers. Their gig gave the crowd a pleasant surprise and their amazing stunts sent the audience at the edge of their seats. The final show showcased the park's resident dolphins, the largest of which resembles a baby whale. They wowed the crowd with their exhibitions, the best of which was their "dance" (with only their tails touching and flipping in the water).

Though almost exhausted, the group still managed to visit Jungle Joe's World which featured a Jurassic trail, Christmas Village, resident monkeys, among others. The HNU-GS group was able to view a documentary film about Subic in their theater. When the group went back to Manila on April 3, one of the significant visits was that made in Malacañang Palace. They were the only visitors accommodated that time. A guide led them through the various rooms in the palace where different memorabilia were displayed.

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