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Pupils Join UN Day Celebration

The Grade School Family took part in the annual United Nations Day Celebration last October 24, 2008. But since the High School Department had their own commemoration on the said date and the gym could not accommodate both departments, Grade School had their special program on October 27 instead.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, all pupils, teachers and staff wore the national costume of the country assigned to them. It was an event so well supported by the parents; in fact, a great number of them were present during the program. Led by the GS Drum and Lyre Corps., the colorful parade around the campus caught the attention of those from the other departments. When the entire assembly gathered at the gym, flag bearers went up the stage to wave their flags as everyone sang "It's a Small World". One by one, each pair from each section went up the stage and spoke the language of the assigned country. The audience was impressed for they really sounded like native speakers.

A quiz bowl ensued with Mrs. Michele Rellita, M.A. (Student Activity Program Coordinator) as the Quiz Master. Three teams were up on stage, with one representative from each grade level. Trivia questions were about famous spots, capitals, great leaders, and monetary currencies in the different countries. Intermission numbers consisted of "La Cucuracha", a Mexican dance, by Kathleen Auxtero and Vince Vertulfo of Gr. 4-St. Augustine, and an ethnic dance by selected pupils of Gr. 5-St. Cecilia. Winners of the quiz bowl received awards from the GS Principal, Mr. Pedro Marcojos, Jr., M.A. and Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Alejandria Marcojos, M.A. They also gave trophies to the "Best in Costume" winners, Michelle Angelu Kapirig (Ms. Australia) of Gr. 6-St. Maria Goretti and Kim Eguilos (Mr. Israel) of Gr. 4-St. Bernadette. Everyone sang "Id Like to Teach the World to Sing" as a close.

One of the features in the program was the song rendition of Chantilly Descallar and Mohammed Sheriff Acuña, both from Gr. 6-Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, of "Isang Mundo, Isang Awit." The song bears the message that even if one says "I love you" in different languages, its meaning will never change.

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