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As the summer starts to sizzle, the COCS faculty and staff with the dean, Mrs. Amie Rosarie C. Caballo, seized the rare chance to turn off their cellphones and enjoy summer at the famous island of Balicasag, Panglao last April 1, 2009.

The group departed from the city early dawn on the April Fool's day. Yes, fool's day was it and everyone fooled and lolled around the inviting shorelines. First on the schedule was the dolphin watching which everybody fully enjoyed. The long minutes of waiting paid off when a school of dolphins tossed themselves in the air. The more adventurous ones with their local guides took pleasure in snorkeling at the fish sanctuary of the island. The others loved lapping their bodies in the waves that went in such unpredictable rhythm while the few others were feeling the sea and heat at the same time experiencing the quiet and simple life of the island. Some of the group liked the feel of their feet walking on the island as they explored and toured the surroundings of the island.

Playing cards at the makeshift cottage was the leisure of those who preferred to just sit around and sense the tropical winds blowing their hair. Stories, jokes, experiences, laughter and mouth-watering food prepared by the accommodating island residents were shared by the group. Each one left with sun-kissed and wide smiles later that day.

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