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HNU President, Fr. Ernesto M. Lagura, SVD during his response-speech.

"The trouble of hello is goodbye" might be an apt line for Fr. Ernesto M. Lagura, SVD during the dual purpose party celebrated for him on April 21, 2008, the date that marked his 67th birthday and the same date which the members of the HNU family thought as the time for them to express gratitude to him.

Well, not everything we like we get. So, if we get what we don't like, we have to like what we get. This is another line that apparently nimbled in the lips of Fr. Lagura during his response-speech. Yes, he is aware that his day to be at the helm of HNU administration will last only up until May 31, 2008. By the first day of June, his successor, Fr. Francisco "Kito" Estapa, SVD will take over the HNU management.

But Fr. Ernie Lagura is so aware that as a missionary he will not have permanent friends, permanent enemies (if at all he has any), nor will he have permanent rank or position. This he humbly confessed during his speech when he said to the effect that what matters most is not position, but God's loving presence that he can always avail of in whatever position he may be in.

No, you are wrong! Fr. Ernie Lagura is not canned. He has his furtive eyes fixed and glued to the word "service" — or if you like "loving service" since one of his favorite expressions is: "See what love can do."

Yes, because of love he decided to remain in HNU not any more as a top brass administrator but as a professor in the College of Business and Accountancy where he plan to teach to the commerce students, specifically those who are taking up the accounting course.

So, what's more? That's it. On April 21, 2008, the HNU family whispered to Fr. Ernie Lagura warm, deep, and wishful birthday greetings and at the same time the members of the same family lovingly, respectfully, and gratefully expressed their gratitude to Fr. Ernie for his services as HNU's SECOND PRESIDENT.

The colorful night of dances – Tango, Doble Pasa, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Rhumba, Boogie, Jive, Swing, Foxtrot, and the like which were performed by the selected HNU family members — gladly manifested the burning and glaring wishes of the members for Fr. Ernie to "Step Up" and dance the rhythm of life in the concernful and loving dominion and providence of the Lord. Best wishes Fr. Ernie.

Visit the gallery for pictures of the party.

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