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The Holy Name University reaped from the strong partnership it has established with the Provincial Government of Bohol when the University was recommended to the Australian Business Volunteer as a partner institution of the IBM-Corporate Service Corps Program. The IBM-CSC Program is part of the Global Citizen's Portfolio initiative announced by IBM Chairman and CEO, Sam Palmisano, to develop leadership skills while addressing socio-economic challenges in the emerging markets.

Two batches of IBM-CSC Volunteers who are occupying managerial positions from the different IBM companies all over the world worked with the HNU counterparts. IBM-CSC Philippines 2 was composed of volunteers who had their HNU engagement on September 20 until October 18, 2008. The team included Mr. Erwin van Overbeek (The Netherlands) and Ms. Debbie MacConnel (USA) assigned at the Center for Research and Local Governance for its WATERSS project; Mr. Anjani Kumar ( India ), Ms. Dipa Velagapudy (Sweden) and Mr. Greg Labows ( USA) at the College of Business and Accountancy; and, Mr. Srinivasarao S. Tata ( India ) at the College of Computer Science.

IBM-CSC Philippines 3 was composed of Mr. Jens Heidelberg ( Germany ) and Ms. Elisabeth Dirnberger ( Ireland ) for the College of Business and Accountancy; Mr. J. Smith Doss (USA) and Mr. Mubeen Khateeb (India) for the WATERSS project; and, Ms. Bhumika Balani (India) at the College of Computer Science. The members of this team had their HNU engagement from October 20 until November 14, 2008.

At the end of their two-month engagement, the IBM volunteers were able to hand-over to HNU WATERSS a Stakeholder’s Analysis (as basis for the database design), an overview of the existing water databases in the province and at the University of San Carlos, a Marketing Plan and a Database Model. For the CBA, a new e-commerce curriculum, an enriched marketing and human resources management curricula and conflict management training conducted for the faculty members; For the College of Computer Science, a revised IT curriculum and recommendations for the improvement of the computer laboratories. The newly designed curricula for the CBA and CoCS are complete with reference materials and student-focused learning activities. For the University in general, the volunteers did an assessment of the IT infrastructure and made recommendations in terms of personnel, hardware and software requirements. A review of the human resource and development framework of the University was also done by one volunteer.

The aforementioned project was coordinated by Mrs. Josephine Cemine (HNU-WATERSS), Ms. Maria Paz Espiritu (CRLG ), Dr. Jemma Jay (CBA), Ms. Amie Rosarie Caballo and Ms. Mariejoe Narca (CoCS) who report directly to the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

The HNU-IBM partnership enriched not only the different colleges, but most especially the professional and personal lives of the HNU counterparts who had been working with the volunteers for two months. To engage in a real “dialogue of cultures and religion” is a rare experience and a privilege indeed!

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