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The Filipino participants with Professor Nakamura Shogo of Tokyo Denki University.

The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarships (AOTS) recently sponsored a Training for IT Instructors on the Skills Standards for IT Professionals and the IT Engineers’ Examination at the Yokohama Kenshu Center in Yokohama, Japan last November 11-December 1, 2009. Mrs. Amie Rosarie C. Caballo, the dean of the College of Computer Science was among the 9 participants from the Philippines.

Group 3 from the Philippines composed of Ms. Amie Caballo of Holy Name University, Ms. Larmie of Cebu Institue of Technology and Ms. Cherrylyn Sta. Romana of Cebu Institute of Technology.

The first part of the training was anchored on IT human resource development in the context of the Japanese IT industry. Presentations included a detailed discussion on the Skills Standards for IT Professionals, Career Development for IT Engineers, Human Resource Development in a Japanese IT Company, and a company visit to Hitachi Joho. The second part of the training was a combination of lectures and practices on the development of the Fundamental IT Engineers Examination (FE) and the Application Programming Examination (AP) that have been currently implemented in the participating countries. It included a school visit to Tokyo Denki University and Sahara School of Business. The training culminated with a presentation from the participants on how to promote the ITSS/ITEE in their home countries.

The training was participated by 29 invited IT educators and IT Human Resource Personnel from Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Mrs. Caballo's participation was made possible through the Philippine National IT Standards Foundation, the organization that is responsible for the implementation of the FE and AP Examinations in the Philippines.

Holy Name University, through the College of Computer Science, has hosted the abovementioned examinations since 2005.

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