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The Grade School faculty and staff, headed by the newly-appointed Grade School Principal, Dr. Prisciano Legitimas, organized the first Parents' Assembly this school year last July 4 , 2009 at the Janssen Heights Gym. Dr. Legitimas warmly welcomed the audience and expressed his optimism for the school year that lay ahead. He was then followed by the new Grade School Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Ma. Liesle Dopeño, M.A., who gave the statement of purpose. The university president, Fr. Francisco Estepa, SVD, expressed his gratitude to the parents especially for their continued support to the department and to the institution as a whole.

Mrs. Michele Rellita, M.A., the Grade School Student Activity Program Coordinator, discussed the school's vision, mission and goals which, as she contended, ought to be shared with everyone so that all may work collaboratively towards their realization. She then presented the various services offered by the school's Campus Ministry, Guidance Center, Library and Clinic, among others. The current FPTA President, Mr. Benjamin Bargayo, Jr., shared the accomplished projects as well as projected ones of the association and also expressed optimism for the new school year especially with the new administration under the leadership of Dr. Legitimas.

The attending parents and guardians were eventually ushered to their respective homerooms to have the election of officers. The newly-elected servant leaders were then brought to the Grade School Audio-Visual Hall to have the election for the new set of FPTA officers. Right after the said voting, a meeting ensued to prepare for the induction of servant leaders. The emcee for the assembly was Mr. Celso Tabaranza, a new faculty member.

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