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The Intramural Days of the Basic Education kicked off with the opening ceremonies last August 17, 2009. The primary levels had their opening program at the Janssen Heights Gym while the intermediate ones joined the high school department at the Oval. This year's theme is "One Team, One Dream: Energized by the Word". A series of activities and events have been ordered to meet the following objectives:

  1. To formally open the 4-day affair through a lively parade, opening ceremonies and morning praise;
  2. To show enthusiasm, burning energy and physical strength in the various sports events; and
  3. To develop and enhance teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship among members.

Pupils were grouped this time into three teams, a deviation from the usual four teams. They were given the names: Pamilya Camacho, Pamilya Lagura and Pamilya Estepa ( named after the three university presidents ). The following teachers were assigned as tourney managers:

Basketball :Mr. Marcial Golosino
Chess :Mrs. Salvacion Juego
Dama :Mrs. Gemma Auman
Kinder & Primary Level Games:Mrs. Liesle Dopeño, M.A.
Lawn Tennis :Mrs. Felicidad Auxtero
Scrabble :Mrs. Michele Rellita, M.A.
Soccer :Mr. Rufino Ocon
Softball :Mrs. Sheila Alturas
Table Tennis :Mr. Henry Cardino
Taekwando :Mr. Sullivan Grandeza
Track & Field :Mrs. Geraldine Tañeza
Volleyball :Mrs. Claribel Sumampong

Pupil athletes did their best in their respective events and teammates cheered them up until the end of the game. The student teachers sponsored a Horror Booth at the GS AV Hall and many thought they did an excellent job since almost everybody who entered the said booth ran and screamed. The primary level teachers, on the other hand, sponsored film showings which also proved to be a hit to the non-athletes. During the awarding ceremonies on August 24 ( Monday ), it was revealed that the overall champion was Pamilya Camacho. Pupil athletes happily received their medals and prizes and proved that indeed, they were energized by the Word!

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