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The Grades 4 and 5 pupils had their boy scout and girl scout backyard camping last October 9-10, 2009. Donned in their scout uniform, all assembled at the Janssen Heights Gym at 1:30 in the afternoon for the recitation of their respective oaths and for the "Tuklas ng Talino" program. Their talents and skills were put to the test with the poem recitation, vocal solo and folk dance competitions. Winners were awarded at the latter part of the program. The judges were Mrs. Gemma Auman, Ms. Winica Cagas and Ms. Reina Corre.

Afterwards, pupils were made to have an early supper so that they could better prepare for the campfire. At 6:00 in the evening, everyone assembled at the Grade School quadrangle and all patrols marched towards the gymnasium. There, they were met and welcomed with the campfire chief, Irah Coreen Caderao (a grade 4 pupil). A dramatic campfire ceremony followed. The "four spirits" were invoked by Caderao and each came with a speech introducing the various patrols which were named after Greek gods and goddesses. Flag bearers proudly waved their respective patrol banners.

Patrols in the Grade 4 level were named after Hestia, Apollo, Demeter, Bacchus, Aphrodite and Poseidon while patrols in the Grade 5 level were named after Hera, Zeus, Artemis, Ares, Athena and Hermes. After a series of songs and yells from each patrol, representatives came forward with candles in glasses and led a solemn prayerful rite. Everyone then marched back to their respective rooms, changed clothes then prayed the rosary.

Early the next day, at around 4:30 in the morning, all rose and gathered at the Grade School grounds to have the morning praise and exercise. All were then made to jog around the oval back to the campsite where they eagerly cooked breakfast over some firewood. After their meal, everybody changed to their scout uniform and prepared themselves for the various base works. A group of boy and girl scout leaders from the High School Department served as facilitators. Eventually, everybody called it a day and headed for home with more pleasant memories and learning experiences.


For the very first time, the Grade 6 pupils had their outdoor camping at the Feed the Children grounds in Canapnapan, Corella last October 16-17, 2009. At 8:30 in the morning of the first day, the excited campers took the school bus and headed to the campsite where they were warmly welcomed by the staff. Upon arrival, they were led to their assigned tents, conveniently prepared for them. Everyone then settled down, especially when a heavy downpour came; when it stopped, it was time to have a lunch break.

At exactly one o'clock in the afternoon, all boy and girl scouts gathered together in preparation for the "Tuklas ng Talino" program. Contestants did their best in the poem recitation, vocal solo, drawing and folk dance categories. The members of the board of judges were Sr. Francisca Corbito, OSF, Mrs. Rhiza Magallones, and Mr. Henry Cardino. The awarding of winners followed and the Grade School Principal, Dr. Prisciano Legitimas, did the honors together with Provincial Board Member Alfonso Damalerio II, a parent of one of the Grade 6 pupils.

After the afternoon program, there was still time for all boy and girl scouts to plant some seedlings along the nearby slopes. Together with the guide, the class advisers joined in the tree planting activity. When all went back to the camp, it was already time to prepare and cook for dinner. After a hearty supper, everyone gathered again, this time, to prepare for the campfire. A number of parents witnessed the ceremony and the prayerful rite led by the Grade School Chaplain, Fr. Milo Mapaye, SVD. All patrols yelled, chanted, and sang their hearts out.

Afterwards, pupils were made to change to some comfortable clothing for the night socials. Mrs. Ma. Fe Evelyn Tampos led the gathering with her antics, much to the delight of the campers. Pupils and teachers alike danced the night away. Everyone definitely had much fun and camaraderie was well fostered. That night, all dozed off and unexpectedly, woke up an hour late than the scheduled time! The teachers had to wake up the sleepy campers who were made to participate in the morning praise and exercise. Then they quickly cooked and ate breakfast and prepared for the nature trek. Though exhausted, pupils and teachers enjoyed the long hike.

Base works were later facilitated by invited boy and girl scout leaders from the High School Department. Afterwards, all were made to pack their things as the school buses arrived to bring everyone back to school. Truly, the outdoor camping was a fun-filled learning experience pupils would't easily forget.


The last batch of campers were the Grades 2 and 3 pupils. Just like the Grades 4-6 boy and girl scouts, their patrols were named after Greek gods and goddesses. On October 29, 2009, they gathered at the Janssen Heights Gym to have their various base works. The class advisers facilitated the said activity. After a quick lunch, all went back to the gym to have the "Tuklas ng Talino" program. Pupils proved their best in the vocal solo, story telling and folk dance contests.

After having dinner with parents/ guardians, pupils grouped together by patrol then marched towards the gymnasium. The highlight of the evening was the campfire. All scouts belted out their songs and yells. The ceremony ended with the praying of the rosary before everyone headed for home. The Kab and Star Scouts, particularly those in Grade 3, eagerly look forward to the next camping wherein they will be spending the night in school for the first time.

The activities helped the pupils develop a sense of responsibility and independence as well as fellowship and camaraderie. At a young age, pupils come to realize the importance of being dependable citizens of this country.

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