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All pupils and teachers excitedly took part in the U.N. Day activities last October 22, 2009. For days, parents busied themselves preparing for the costumes of their children. Finally, they got to wear the national costumes of their assigned country for the UN parade on the said date at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. All teachers and staff also wore costumes and joined the pupils in the trek around the Dampas Campus. The HNU Band played lively tunes as they led the whole entourage, and all proceeded to the gymnasium for the program.

The parade of colors set a festive mood as the rest of the Grade School Family sang "It's a Small World". Selected COMI ( Children of Mary Immaculate ) members formally opened the affair with their interpretation of "The Prayer". Then the class representatives, escorted by their flag bearer, went up the stage one pair at a time to greet the crowd, introduce themselves and share a proverb in the native tongue of their assigned country. Mrs. Michele Rellita, M.A., prepared the script and taught the pupils how to speak the various foreign languages. All representatives looked beautiful and handsome in their colorful costumes.

The Grade School Principal, Dr. Prisciano Legitimas, impressed the crowd as well with his Latin and inspiring speech which focused on the theme, "The World: United by the Word". Selected pupils from Gr. 4-St. Bernadette followed with their dance rendition of "Pearly Shells" ( Hawaiian ). Then the first part of the "Mini Olympic Challenge" began with the Hanging Bar event. Participants from Grades 1 to 3 took part in the said challenge. A group of pupils from Grade 5-St. Thomas came in next with their dance presentation of "Jai Ho" ( Indian ). The Rondalla Group trained by former principal, Mr. Pedro Marcojos, Jr., M.A. played a couple of Philippine tunes.

Challengers from Grades 4 to 6 braced themselves for the second part of the "Mini Olympic Challenge"; this time, contenders had to do a face off with the longest jump. Afterwards, selected pupils from Gr. 4-St. Clare sang and danced "Kumbaya" ( African ). Then a group of pupils from Gr. 3-St. Anthony delighted the audience with the "La Cucuracha" dance ( Mexican ). During the final round of the "Mini Olympic Challenge", the two finalists had to face a taekwando champ, John Prisco Viñalon. The first one to hit him lightly will be declared the winner. The Switzerland representative, Kheim Dexter Garay, emerged victorious.

Awarding of winners followed and such included the recognition of "Best in Costume". Ms. Thailand of Gr. 1-St. Therese and Mr. Greece of Gr. 2-St. Benedict won the award. For the finale, everyone was encouraged to sing "We Are the World". The Auxtero sisters ( Kathleen, Kate and Karissa ) as well as the Respecia sisters ( Samantha, Leibniz and Nicole ) led the singing on stage. As a whole, the UN Day Celebration was a success and a great number of parents were there to witness the spectacle.

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