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    On August 8, 2009, HNU-CEDev sponsored an activity dubbed Inter-Faith Dialogue: "A Way to Genuine Peace" at the Lessage Audio Visual Hall from 8:30 – 11:45 in the morning.

    Guest speaker Moslem Bishop Alim Fatani Abdulmalik.

    Three speakers were invited to talk in their fields: The first speaker was a Moslem Bishop, Alim Fatani Abdulmalik, a professor from the Marawi State University who talked on Moslem faith and beliefs. He started and ended his talk with a Moslem prayer (which is normally sung). He thanked the HNU administration for having the activity even though he said, was a bit "late" because their existence in the country goes way back even before the Spaniards came; nevertheless, he said that it is in unity that we will have genuine PEACE. He cleared the polygamy issue in the Moslem culture saying that there are many conditions before one can add another wife. He imparted to the participants some salient characteristics of Moslem people especially in their religiosity, stating that they pray 5 times every day.

    He also cited that in their Koran, there is one chapter dedicated to Mary.

    The second speaker, Ms. Dionisia Bermudo, one of our REED teachers talked on the Catholic Faith, focusing on the three persons in one God. She also commented that even though the Moslems believe in Christ as a prophet, we Christians firmly believe that Christ is God and became man to save us and bring us back to the Lord’s fold.

    The third speaker, Mr. Marianito Luspo, the Director of the Cultural Affairs and Development, who happens to be a graduate of Bachelor of Arts degree from Our Lady of the Angels Seminary in Quezon City in 1980, with a major in Religious Studies-Comparative Religion talked about the importance of understanding each other’s culture and religion and thus gain respect from each other and somehow build partnerships for peace and development. One point that he emphasized was the religiosity of the Moslems that somehow Christians cannot even equal. According to his mentor, an Italian, who was a strong defender of the Catholic faith and at first did not like the Moslems, what struck him was during his stay in Egypt and when one day while riding in a bus and doing his regular prayer, all of the riders of the bus suddenly became quiet because he was praying. Respect other culture and religion, that was his realization.

  2. Data verification at Catarman, Dauis: Last September 24, 2009, CEDev facilitated a data verification at Catarman, Dauis in order to verify the results of the community survey conducted by Holy Name University to the people of Catarman, Dauis. It is recalled that this survey was conducted in order for HNU to be aware of the different conditions of the said Barangay in their Economic, Political and Socio-cultural aspects so that plans for community outreach projects will be based on these data.

    The activity was attended by all the Purok Leaders of the seven puroks of Catarman, including their purok secretaries. The Barangay council led by their active Punong Barangay, Hon. Francisca Miculob also graced the occasion.

    The updated data will be distributed to the different colleges in the school to be used as basis in planning their community outreach programs.

    Hon. Francisca Miculob, Punong Barangay of Catarman expresses her concern.

  3. Relief Operations for Bagyong Ondoy Victims

    Student volunteers.

    On, September 28, 2009, two days after bagyong ondoy struck Metro Manila and larger parts of Northern Luzon, HNU-CEDev immediately initiated collection of relief items from used clothings, canned goods and other items for the victims of the said typhoon.

    The response from HNU Community, from students, faculty and even the SVD priests was amazing. Right after notices were posted on the bulletin boards in all campuses, relief boxes were immediately full almost everyday.

    HNU was able to send plenty of boxes and sacks of assorted items which was sent to Manila through the coordination with the Diocese of Tagbilaran.

    Total goods collected and sent to the Diocese of Tagbilaran were the following:

    • First batch: October 2, 20009
      • 32 boxes of assorted clothes
      • 5 sacks of assorted clothes and underwear
      • 1 box of bags and shoes
      • 2 boxes of assorted canned goods, noodles and biscuits
    • Second batch: October 8, 2009
      • 43 sacks of assorted clothes
      • 30 big boxes of assorted clothes
      • 1 large box of assorted clothes
      • 16 boxes of assorted canned goods
      • 1 big plastic bag of shoes, bags and sandals
      • 1/2 sack of rice

    Aside from this, there were also cash donations from some departments and students.

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