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To benchmark its instructional standards, the Holy Name University sustains its efforts to link up with other leading universities of the world. Recently, the HNU has forged partnership with the Zhangzhou Normal University (ZNU), a premiere learning institution located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province of the People’s Republic of China.

Upon invitation, the HNU sent the Vice President for Academics, Fr. Romeo P. Bancale, SVD to China to discuss the terms of the partnership with the top management of ZNU. Assisting Fr. Bancale was the Academic Chair of the College of Education, Dr. Roque A. Bongcac, who was also invited by the same university to give a talk to the faculty and students of the English Department. The representatives held the formal meeting at the Conference Hall of the YIFU Building on November 4, 2008.

In full force to represent ZNU were the following: Wang Fuxing-President; Zhong Faliang-Chief Officer and Director of Foreign Affairs Office; Huang Jinming-Director of Teaching Affairs; Hu Jinwang-Dean of Chinese Language and Literature Department; Hu Zhenghui-Dean of Foreign Languages and Literatures Department; Huang Ningxia-Deputy Chairman of the English Department, Foreign Languages and Literatures; and Huang Zhenhjie-Dean of IT Faculty. Li Qingyao, the Section Chief of he Foreign Affairs Office and Luo Jinsheng, the Foreign Affairs Secretary acted as interpreters for HNU and ZNU respectively.

The meeting opened with the presentation of HNU’s and ZNU”s history and profile with Fr. Bancale and Mr. Fuxing as presenters. The ZNU administrators were impressed with HNU’s achievements.

Discussed in the meeting were the terms of cooperation which shall be carried out through such activities as exchange of students and/or interns; exchange of faculty and/or staff; joint research activities and publications; participation in seminars and academic meetings; exchange of academic materials and other information; special short-term academic programs; offering of academic programs e.g. Mandarin and English languages; and establishment of an institute of Chinese studies.

The exchange of students and faculty and/or staff will start in the first semester of Academic Year 2009-2010. University President Fuxing expressed his wistful feeling why the partnership with HNU was done just recently when it should have been set up long before.

Also present in the meeting was Dr. Ma. Angelina Simbajon-Ibba, a former faculty of the HNU College of Education who is currently an instructor of English at ZNU. The realization of the partnership plans would not have been that speedy were it not of Dr. Ibba who acted as the interim liaison officer. Two of Dr. Ibba’s daughters, Mrs. Ana Marie Ibba-Arnaiz and Ms. Lynneth Mae Ibba are also teachers in the said university. Mrs. Arnaiz also attended the meeting to assist Fr. Bancale in the video presentation of HNU’s history and profile.

In the afternoon, Dr. Roque Bongcac delivered his talk to the faculty and students of English Department. His talk hinged on he topic, “Rethinking English Language Teaching for Gender-Fair Education.” Dr. Bongcac’s talk as well received. A lively interaction and exchange of pleasantries followed.

The Zhangzhou Normal University which consistently gets excellent evaluation ratings from the Chinise government is a big school sprawling in a more than 90-hectare lot and has more than eighteen thousand college students, 10, 000 whom live in dormitories provided by the school.

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