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Holy Name University ensures that relevant information are disseminated widely and promptly to students, parents, faculty, staff, among others. One way of distributing information is through the University's Short Messaging Service (SMS). HNU-SMS is mainly used to send grades and assessments to students and their parents through their mobile phones. It supports the University's online information system. HNU-SMS is also used to broadcast special announcements concerning holidays, suspension of classes, and other similar information. Recently, with the upgrading of the service, the University administration expanded the service to include other types of information.

The following are the official SMS numbers of Holy Name University: +639173040468 +639173050468, +639399088091, +639999959276, and +639237352517. Only the said numbers are authorized to send HNU announcements, grades, financial dues, and other information to the cell phone numbers that are registered through the HNU online information systems, specifically: http://student.hnu.edu.ph for students, and http://is.hnu.edu.ph for faculty and staff.

To maximize the HNU-SMS, the information that is disseminated through the service is expanded to include the following:

  • Spiritual/Religious Messages. As a Roman Catholic institution, the University contributes to the task of Witnessing to the Word through SMS by sending spiritual and religious messages that evangelize and promote Christian values.
  • Trivia. Occasionally, the University promotes awareness on certain people and events with religious, historical, cultural, or University significance.
  • Departmental Announcements. The HNU-SMS can be used to send specific announcements relevant only to a particular department or sector in the university.
  • Marketing. The HNU-SMS can be used to support the University's marketing efforts.
  • Others. The HNU-SMS can be used to broadcast other relevant information approved by the University administration.

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