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Documenting activities, recording employees work performance, organizing files, locating memos and reports sure is a heavy task. It cuts of your time, it drains your energy and it even gives you a hammer in your head. Tough, as it may sound, maintaining a systemized record management procedure remains one of the vital tasks of all heads of offices.

Last September 23-24, 2011, the Human Resource Development and Management Office organized a seminar workshop on "Documentation and Workplace Technology", jointly facilitated with the Office of the Center for Local Governance and participated by 24 heads of offices from the administrative department. On both days, the workshop took place at Panda Tea Garden Suites.

The focus of the workshop was to highly equip and empower the administrative personnel in the supervisory position to actively take charge in the proper management of their respective offices. With the practical winning techniques and step-by-step methodology provided by the facilitators, the hands-on workshop concentrated on the following learning sessions:

  • Mastery of tools, techniques and methodologies developed specifically for creating, accomplishing office-related documents such as: activity reports, logs, minutes of the meeting, program plans, employee work performance records, varied communications and etc.
  • Learn Best practices in creating, enhancing and maintaining proper documentation through a systematic file management procedure.
  • Address typical problems in processing of workplace documentation and appropriate action and solutions.

The entire event was fast-paced, highly interactive, participatory and productive which includes lectures, group processes, games, reporting and a lot of fun, fun, and fun. Exchange of ideas among the participants with the activities arranged by the CLG and HRDMO gave a significant learning experience not only to the participants but to the facilitators as well. The presence and support of the university president was also worthy of note.

"Documentation and Workplace Technology", is the first among the series of seminar workshops scheduled by the HRDMO. In response to the pressing need of our University personnel to be updated with the latest trends and skills and as consequently supported by the results of the latest Training Needs Assessment Survey conducted by the office last November, 2010, a number of skills competency geared towards professional and personal development seminar workshops for all employees in the administrative department has been made ready for implementation.

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