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Mass Communicators Guild (MCG) members have a new-found interest for film making and cinematography.

This passion was sparked after the third and fourth year students taking up Comm 12 (Photography), Comm 11 (Public Relations), and BC 2B (TV Production) were invited by Mr. Ted Ramasola, Bohol’s top-caliber film maker, to the premier screening of the short film/advertisement of Panglao Island Nature Resort (PINR) at BQ Cinemas, held last December 9, 2010.

During the screening, he proudly recalled the last time he worked with HNU’s Mass Communication students a few years back, during the filming of the BQ Mall commercial, where he had students as members of his film crew. This BQ commercial was also shown during the screening.

Talking about his latest accomplished project with PINR, Ramasola said that this was the first time he used an all-Boholano cast and crew. He continued on to say that he was pleasantly surprised that local talents were able to pull off such a project. This motivated him even more to help harness the hidden talents of Bohol’s youth who are interested in film production.

With his intention of inspiring and helping Boholano students improve their film making techniques and skills, Ramasola volunteered to hold an Electronic Field Production (EFP) workshop for the benefit of HNU’s third and fourth year Mass Comm students.

EFP Workshop

It was on December 18, 2010 that Ramasola further fueled the student’s passion for film production. The third and fourth years were chosen to attend the workshop because they already had classes in TV and Film Production. They showed up at the High School Multimedia Center, excited to learn more about film and cinematography.

"I am going to teach you things I have learned in my thirty years of experience," Ramasola said to the eager students. In one jam-packed day, he passed on tips, advice and techniques about film making and its many aspects, which took him many years to master. True to his promise, he explained, demonstrated, and answered numerous questions about film making, to the awe and amazement of his audience.

The workshop started with a discussion on how film -- the plastic, thin, brown tape used in photography and moving pictures -- and how cinematography has progressed over the years. Students listened intently as Ramasola showed film samples and shared stories of their very own experiences in their family-owned Original Ramasola Studio.

After the short lecture on the evolution of film making, Ramasola started unpacking the many, big, and heavy bags he brought to the workshop, which contained some of his film making equipment. He demonstrated how different lenses and lighting techniques create different moods and effects. He allowed the students to handle the expensive equipment he brought along with him, to give them the actual experience of manipulating cameras, lenses, lights exactly the way it is done when making films.


To gauge the students' talents in film making, Ramasola assigned them to write a short script and shoot it. The students came up with “Selosa,” a very short story about a boy who is in love with a girl, who could not reciprocate his feelings because her best friend was in love with him. After seeing the students’ delivery and interpretation, Ramasola gave his comments and taught them how it can be improved.

"Selosa" was re-shot, this time, following the proper guideline of drawing up a storyboard first. The students had the opportunity to work with hundreds and thousands of pesos worth of equipment. The students embraced the roles of talents, production assistants, lights man, grip operator, clapper, etc. After a day’s work, the students were able to produce a top-quality short film.

Indeed, it was an experience that the students will never forget. After all, it was the very activity that inspired the students to push through with their plans of holding the very first film making competition for members of the Mass Communicators Guild (MCG).


It was in the first semester of SY 2010-2011 when the MCG officers, led by the organization’s president, Mark Anthony Gaso, expressed their interest in creating an award-giving body for aspiring film makers in the organization. After attending the EFP workshop, they were all the more encouraged to push through with this plan. This paved the way for the birth of Silak Film Festival and Awards.

Silak is a Cebuano term which is synonymous to sidlak or silaw translated as ray, spark, or beam of light. The basic element of the visual arts is light, from which the spectra of different colors expand. How pictures are captured in a camera is explained by how light is adjusted and focused in order to produce more stunning visuals. The MCG adapted the term Silak to represent the student’s creativity in film making.

The Silak Awards is an award winning-body that gives due appreciation to Mass Comm students who aspire to venture into film making. This day and age of digital cameras has provided many opportunities for the youth to produce moving images. The MCG thinks that everyone can be film makers. And even if they lack sophisticated production equipment, they see it as an opportunity to be more resourceful, imaginative and creative.

The MCG welcomed the following short films for the very first Silak Awards: Erika directed by first year Ana Izabella Angelina Petines, Witness directed by second year Veda Hilary Leah Bongalos, Tagpuan directed by third year Jessa Rose Roa, Salamin directed by third year Kristoffer Ferniz, Sisters also directed by Kristoffer Ferniz and Mugna directed by fourth year Mark Anthony Gaso.

These entries were screened and judged by MCG Adviser Mrs. Shiryl Gatal, TV and Film Production Instructor Prof. Rosalina Sarabosing and Mr. Ted Ramasola just in time for the celebration of MCG Week held on March 1 to 5, 2011. Winners were announced and awarded during the Silak Awards Night held at Saya’s Restaurant on the evening of March 5.

The winners are:

Best Actor – Mark Nilo Tero (Mugna)
Best Actress – Pauline Aster Bancod (Mugna)
Best Supporting Actor – Daryl Jay Calape (Witness)
Best Supporting Actress – Kristine Ting (Salamin)
Best in Editing – Mark Anthony Gaso (Mugna)
Best in Costume Design – Jessa Rose Roa and Kristoffer Ferniz (Sisters)
Best Screenplay for Comedy – Jessa Rose Roa (Sisters)
Best Screenplay for Drama – Mark Anthony Gaso and Ma. Rica Estapia (Mugna)
Best Cinematography – Mark Anthony Gaso (Mugna)
Best Director – Mark Anthony Gaso (Mugna)
Best Short Film - Mugna

Also awarded that night were Florence Miguel Lague and Janice Parilla for Male and Female Stars of the Night and Maria Cecilia Dano for winning the SpontaNews Live Reporting contest during the MCG Week celebration.

During the awards night, it was announced that Mugna, winner for Best Short Film, will be an entry and a representative for Bohol to Cinema Rehiyon 2012. According to www.pinoyfilm.com Cinema Rehiyon is the first national film festival that will solely focus on the movies being created outside of Metro Manila. Here are films set in the various regions of the country made by local filmmakers, truly reflecting their own cultures and way of life.

In his Opening Remarks during the awards night, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Fr. Ruel F. Lero, SVD, encouraged the students to continue this project for many years to come and perhaps expand it to include awards for other fields in Mass Comm such as Photography, Journalism and Development Communication. That is the challenge that he has expressed to the new set of MCG Officers.

For now, we can say that this new-found drive for film making is a new, exciting step towards major improvements in the Mass Communications program, which, by the way, will be BA Communications starting next school year.

To end, let me quote Mr. Ted Ramasola’s post in MCG HNU’s Facebook account:
Now that the 'local' festivals are over, IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOUR NEXT FILMS! ...If you feel in your hearts telling stories thru films is your life, its time to pat the dust off and start writing the script. The story is where it starts. If you failed the first time, it doesn't mean you quit."

Many thanks to all the active and supportive and energetic MCG members! Kudos to MCG!

Ted Ramasola lecture about film evolution and shares his expertise in film production.

Ramasola demonstrates how a camera should be properly handled.

A lesson on how different kinds of lights and the angles where they are placed express different moods.

Students experience take on different roles in film production. Here, Miguel is a grip operator, in charge of the microphone, who ensures sound is recorded perfectly.

Marie Anne Lim takes her role as clapper seriously as the next take is being prepared. Talents Tof Ferniz and Pau Bancod wait for the director’s "Action!"

Students take a look at how the take turned out.

A shot of the last scene -- "Selosa" Nicole walks in on her love interest, Tof, talking with her bestfriend, Pau.

Ted instructs the focus puller, Jam, how to adjust the lens.

A "wacky" group shot of the ever-supportive MCG members after the Silal Awards Night.

Fourth year student and film enthusiast Mark Anthony Gaso bags many awards that night – Best in Editing, Best in Cinematography, Best Screenplay for Drama and Best Short Film.

MCG members enjoy the very first Silak Awards.

Winners show off their plaques.

Lovely ladies of the MCG, all dolled up for the Silak Awards.

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