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The College of Engineering of Holy Name University held its Engineering Fair and Project Exhibit for the 7th consecutive year at the BQ Atrium last March 10 - 12 with the theme "TecHNUvate: V2, Innovating Technology the HNU way." The event featured various projects from the three departments of the college, Civil (CE), Computer (CpE), and Electronics Engineering (ECE).

The three-day event started with the opening ceremony on the March 10 at 9:00 in the morning. Holy Name University's VP for Academic Affairs, Fr. Teodoro P. Gapuz, SVD, Smart Network Engineer, Engr. Jimmy Budlong, and the BQ Mall Director, Rose Tabudlong, conducted the ribbon cutting ceremony which formally opened the affair. The project exhibit includes the search for the best projects for each of the different categories. The search for the university's best student research for the College of Engineering was also conducted.

In the afternoon, the Computer Interfacing Techniques projects by the fourth year CpE and ECE students were judged. Carpentry projects for the fourth year Civil Engineering students, featuring scale models of six different proposed houses, were also judged.

The Computer Interfacing Projects were titled "Bloodmatic," "Pigmatic," "Home Device Via Voice Command," "Hand Gesture, ENG" Box," "RFId Attendance System," "Voice Dependent Locking and Unlocking System," and "V-ATM."

Bloodmatic is a database of blood supply available in the blood bank and list of names and contact numbers of possible donors for hospital references. An alternative way of managing piggery tasks like washing, feeding, and monitoring using computers with live video streaming for better monitoring was the theme of the Pigmatic. Speech recognition technology is implemented by the Device Via Voice Command, ENG" Box, Voice Dependent Locking and Unlocking System, and the V-ATM projects.

Device Via Voice Command operates home appliances through voice, ENG Box is capable of opening computer menus and files using voice command, Voice Dependent Locking and Unlocking System opens and locks doors still with the use of voice, and V-ATM is operating a conventional ATM using voice instead of the usual keypad. Hand Gesture is a system of controlling the devices with the use of pre-determined hand gestures. Monitoring student and teacher attendance inside the classroom is the capability of the RFId Attendance System.

Pigmatic won in the Best Computer Interfacing Technique project with the researchers John Denver Abrea, Jun Rey Dotarot, Medina Sayson, and Roldan Villaber. The six carpentry house models were titled Proposed Two-Storey Residential Building, Proposed Two-Storey Levit House, Proposed Two-Storey Duplex Residential Building, Proposed Two-Storey Renovation, Proposed Two-Storey Residential House, and Proposed Two-Storey Residential House. The house entitled Proposed Two-Storey Residential House modeled by Maria Christina Dabalos, Gladys Doydora, Aguinaldo Jimenez, and Joey Vistal won the first prize.

The 5th year Civil Engineering students took the challenge of proposing a development plan for the Eco-Adventure Tour (EAT) in Danao. The proposed developments were entitled A Proposed Site Development of Danao Adventure Park in Danao, Bohol and A Proposed Mountain Resort Project in Danao, Bohol. The two development sites are both part of the existing EAT Danao, but in different locations. The research proponents for this Project Study were Joselito Andamon, John Rey Ceniza, Ma. Terreza Fatima Deluao, Gerry Escolano, Khader Fashho, Aiza Gudito, Vincent Aaron Maleriado, Nilo Pelendengue, Lourdes Marie Somosot, and Victoriano Ugay Jr. The said Project Study was presented and turned over to the municipal representatives of Danao last Saturday, March 12, at the BQ Atrium.

For Computer Engineering (CpE) Design Project competition, there were only two entries, the Home Automation over the Internet and SMS (a system of monitoring or switching on/off of house appliances via the Internet or SMS) and the AutoFount (a water fountain display with lights and music that maybe controlled via computer of voice). Home Automation over the Internet and SMS won the CpE Best Design Project. This project was undertaken by Isagani Aparece, Glenn Rey Arcay, Gleyn Bojos, Glenn Blaire Dela Pia, Amarish Duce, April Janoyan, Jessie James Rollorata, Renwill Joseph Somontan, and Ranulfo Suarez, Jr.

There were six entries for the Design Project of the Electronics and Communications Engineering 5th year level. Projects were Real Time Headcounter (a passenger counter that can be implemented in sea vessel so avoid overloading), GSM Modem-Based Car Security System (an electronic device for locking/unlocking car doors and starting car engines with keypad lock that will automatically call the car owner should the lock password be incorrect), Speech-Controlled Home Entertainment (an alternative way of controlling the television and DVD player using voice instead of the conventional remote control), A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of an Electronically- and Manually-Operated Poultry System (a comparison on the efficiency of automating egg segregation process versus the manual process, and the time and cost efficiency of manual and electronic feeding process), Blind Curve Warning System (a signage that will warn vehicle drivers that a vehicle is approaching on the other end of the curve), and the e-Movie House System (a movie house automation that eliminates issuing of tickets which provides visual guide for movie-goers of vacant seats inside the theatre). Speech Controlled Home Entertainment project was declared the ECE Best Design Project.

Competition for the Best Student Project Research was also being chosen among the projects made by the 4th and 5th year CpE and ECE students. There were only ten projects that qualified during the preliminary screening, two projects coming from the 5th year CpE Design Project, another six coming from the 5th year ECE Design Project, and another two Computer Interfacing Techniques of the 4th year CpE level. Public Oral Defense was conducted on the morning of March 11 at the Atrium with Fr. Ruel Gado, SVD (also and Electonics Engineer), Gerald Marmito, Proprietor of Gerisonic Electronics, and Engr. Harvey F. Halasan as judges. Home Automation over the Internet and SMS was declared the Best Research Project this year.

In the afternoon of March 11, an On The Spot Miniature Bridge-Making Contest was sponsored by the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), Holy Name University, Student Chapter. This was participated by five groups, each composed of 5 members represented by first to fifth year levels. The judging was done by computing the ratio of the weight of the bridge versus the maximum load of the bridge. The bridge designed and made by John Rey Ceniza(5th CE), Paulino Cabilogan (4th CE), Ryan, Torreos (3rd CE), Johndelle Gucor (2nd CE), and Noel Calatrava (1st CE) won the competition.

The performance of the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band was among the highlight of the Saturday culmination of the HNU College of Engineering Fair and Project Exhibit. In the afternoon, the awarding for the winners of the different contest categories formally ended the exhibit.

This year's College of Engineering Fair and Project Exhibit was sponsored by Holy Name University with Smart Communications, Inc. and Bohol Quality Corporation as the presenters. Excel Review Center was a major sponsor, Yayo Builders, Samotech, and Humil International Trading as minor sponsors. The donors were Julies Bakeshop, Big Start Travel and Visa Assistance Services, Intel, First Flower Avenue, Panda Tea Garden Suites, and Science Star Corp.

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