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How responsive and proactive are concerned government agencies and business institutions to the concerns of local consumers? How aware are local consumers of their rights and responsibilities?

These are the main issues that the new radio program “Timbangan” will hope to address starting on October 19, 4:00-4:30 p.m., and every Tuesday thereafter over station DYRD-AM.

"Timbangan" literally means weighing scale, and Consumer Watch Bahol, Inc. (CWBI), the organization behind the radio program, wants to utilize it to promote its advocacy towards the education and protection of local consumers and to provide an avenue where local business establishments and concerned government agencies can become more responsive and proactive to consumer concerns.

"Timbangan" incorporates a format wherein competent representatives of concerned government agencies and business establishments will be tapped as resource persons to discuss the scope of their respective mandates and their services, respectively, share the usual complaints of consumers that the agency usually deal with and provide advise on how to deal with or avoid these usual setbacks. It also accepts phone-in questions or complaints from the listening public about the issues being discussed during the airing of the program.

CWBI is a SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit organization based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The organization is an outreach arm of the Holy Name University Alumni Association-Tagbilaran Inc. It welcomes suggestions on what issues the listening public would like the program to tackle. It will also accommodate complaints via text through its consumer watch hotline numbers 09272141611.

CWBI is calling on socially conscious people to join and support the organization’s advocacy. Donations for the sustainability of the program are most welcome. Fund donations may be channeled to Mrs. Marieta L. Corales, president of CWBI, or to Ms. Eury Gutierrez, director and secretary of the HNU Alumni and Job Placement Office of Holy Name University and CWBI, respectively.

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