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Holy Name University, through the Office of Cultural Affairs and Development (OCAD), witnessed the live performance of Makiling in the evening of August 20, 2010 at the Alphonse Lesage Gymnasium.

An audience of almost 2,000 witnessed an alternative kind of music played by a band whose repertoire falls under the genre of world music. Most of their pieces highlighted the hegalong, a two-stringed guitar of the T’boli tribe in South Cotabato, and violin as the lead melodic instrument, but occasionally incorporated vocal chants and lyrics in a few of their songs. Through the musical prowess of the band members, they were able to showcase how native instruments can be utilized in mainstream performances. More importantly, they also provided an alternative genre to the ears of the mostly young audience who are usually exposed to the loud and “expletive” music of this age.

The band’s mission is to achieve a creative integration of Philippine and other traditional music ideas, forms, and styles with those of contemporary popular music and to develop a broad appreciation for tradition-based music creations. Thirteen years after its foundation, the group continued to attain their vision of bringing global harmony and cooperation through music.

The magic of Mt. Makiling inspired the formation of the Makiling Ensemble now known as Makiling. It was in their high school days where they got exposed to the diverse musical cultures of the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA), batch mates Diwa de Leon (hegalong, violin, vocals), David Sicam (guitar), Otto Hernandez (percussion), Evan Britanico (lead vocals, bass) and Wed Lodriga (percussion) got together and jammed with a composition of Diwa. One thing led to another and the band was formed.

For the longest time, the band was known as Makiling Ensemble, but for simplicity and more effective branding, they decided to remove "Ensemble" and consequently made their group known as Makiling. Makiling has earned a niche for itself in the world of music, with three albums to its name and a reputation for making music utilizing vigorous Afro-Latin rhythms fused with Keltic inspired melodies, Indian-styled vocals, the playfulness of the T’boli hegalong, guitar chords, and heightened improvisation.

In line with the mandate of the OCAD to provide activities for the cultural development of HNU students, the office accepted the invitation of Ms. Carmen Bernardo of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the group’s Tour Coordinator, to host the performance of Makiling here in Bohol as part of the band’s national concert-tour.

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