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The Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) officers, student teachers, Grade School faculty, staff and GS FPTA President, Mr. Jun Bargayo, Jr., paid a visit to the Catarman Elementary School in Catarman, Dauis last July 23, 2010. Led by the CeDev Director, Mr. Noel Uy, and some of his staff. The group met the selected pupils of the said school. There were more than a hundred of them and they were very eager to welcome the visiting Holy Namians. Each child was given some biscuits and a bowl of hot rice porridge mixed with chicken and noodles. The prepared meal was delightfully consumed, and the smile on the children's faces seemed to express a sense of satisfaction.

A short program followed which included talks on proper hygiene (by the GS nurse, Mrs. Rhiza Magallones) and good eating habits (by Mrs. Shiela Alturas, M.A.). Trivia questions were given and those who gave correct answers received prizes. When all were made to dance, the most graceful ones were also given prizes. Even the pupil with the best pearly white teeth received a prize. The student-teachers also facilitated some games and fun activities. Meanwhile, the SPG officers were asked to visit the school's library to see in what way they can help to enrich its collection or improve the place itself. Afterwards, the GS Principal, Dr. Prisciano Legitimas, thanked the pupils, teachers, and school principal of Catarman for their warm reception and cooperation.

When it was about noon time, the visiting group bade the Catarman Elementary School pupils, teachers, and principal goodbye with the hope of meeting them again some time soon. All had a relaxing and hearty lunch at Terraza Mariveles, dining decks under spreading acacia trees behind the Dauis Church's ancient rectory. It was a fitting culmination of the day's activity; all went home with a sweet sense of fulfillment.

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