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Pupil officers, particularly the class and club presidents, vice-presidents, and secretaries, together with the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) Officers, attended a whole-day Leadership Training Seminar held at the Janssen Heights Multi-Media Center. Pupil leaders from the intermediate levels attended the August 4 sessions while those who are from the primary levels attended the August 5, 2010 workshop. Pupils had fun when they were grouped into 8 "tribes." Each tribe was made to choose a chieftain and come up with a unique name to their group. Later, as a way of getting acquainted with one other, each tribe was made to present its tribal chant, tribal dance, and tribal banner.

Interactive discussions, group dynamics, and other activities evolved around topics relevant to young leaders: "JoHaris Window" (facilitated by Ms. Reina Corre, Grade School Guidance Counselor), "Servant Leadership" and "The Eight Habits of Highly-Effective Leaders" (facilitated by Mrs. Michele Rellita, M.A., GS Student Activity Program Coordinator). The said eight habits were distributed among the eight tribes for role play (1-Be pro-active, 2-Begin with the End in Mind, 3-Put First Things First, 4-Think Win-Win, 5-Seek First to Understand than to be Understood, 6-Synergize, 7-Sharpen the Saw, and 8-Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs). On the second day of training, the SPG Officers were tapped as facilitators.

At the latter part of the day, pupil leaders were challenged to strengthen their commitment to serve the Grade School Department despite obstacles and challenges that may come their way. Moreover, they were made to understand that they should also sustain such commitment and endeavor to work collaboratively.

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