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The swooshing air-blowing performer with ribbon-like arms one sees on stage isn't the original bald Avatar Aang, but the humblest soul who walks on the grounds of the High School Department.

This young graduate from Lincod Elementary School in Maribojoc, Dr. Cecilio Putong Nat'l High School, and Holy Name University with a Bachelor in Secondary Education in Physical Education, believes that life is not a matter of chance but of choice. The newest addition to the MAPEH area after having passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers, Sir Jovie is handling 1st- year level classes while at the same time balancing his regular routines as an active Diwanag Dance Troupe member. A consistent name on the Dean's List when he was a student and with Special Awards in the Performing Arts when he graduated, Sir Jovie would like to be known as a good educator with special skills in the performing arts rather than the other way around.

"As a neophyte, everyday is a challenge for me. I can't guess what's on the minds of the students and my fellow teachers. If there are lapses on my part, I am willing to admit them, so that I can learn from them and from these experiences."

Growing up with his older sister as his role model who, in spite of difficulties, has graduated and has found a career on her own while remaining single, Sir Jovie believes that patience is a virtue and that hard work is really important in achieving one's goals in life.

"I want to be an excellent educator for life, in the academe and at the same time excel in sports and music, and share my passion for dancing. That will be my greatest contribution to the school."


If you are keen enough, you'd have found out later that it wasn't Gary V. on stage but Frt. Dennis shouting for joy on Neophyte's Day!

A native of Abra, Frt. Dennis was born on October 25, 1982. He finished grade school at Presentar Elementary School and high school at Abra State Institute of Science and Technology. A magna cum laude, Frt. Dennis earned his Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Physics, taught Physics for a year after passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers, at Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Kabugao, Apayao, and after six years of his first vows, postulancy, novitiate, and theology, earned his AB Theology in 2010 from Christ the King Seminary in Quezon City.

Inspired by Pope John Paul II's love for the poor, Frt. Dennis believes that nothing can make him doubt of the Lord's love for him, and that his faithfulness can be shown through his work and responsibilities as an HNU teacher.

"I have to be the best in what I do, and it's up to the people to judge me according to how they see me," quipped this devoted CL teacher of the High School Department, who lets nothing and no one get in the way of his classes.

A nature lover who loves trekking in the jungles, Frt. Dennis had actually lived with the Mangyans in Mindanao, "whose values are unstained and quite honest even if it meant death to a family member."

"My experiences now are quite simpler compared to the challenges and experiences I had before. I don't like to think of or anticipate obstacles for they will become threats; I want to be positive always."

Asked if he'd change anything if given a chance to choose a career to take, Frt. Dennis proudly says: "I'd still want to be a religious, live the mission, and be with the poor."

"Never give up. Every day of our lives is a grace from God. To give up is like giving up the grace that God has given us," this believer of union and tranquility with nature closes.


"What profits a person if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul," is a biblical quotation which the Science teacher, Ma'am Jesica lives by.

Born in Tagbuane, Alburquerque, Ma'am Jesica finished grade school and high school in Tagbuane Elementary School and San Roque High School, both in her hometown. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Bohol and her Qualifying units in Bachelor of Science in Education from the same university, where she also took her Masters in Science Education.

A registered nurse, Ma'am Jesica had dreamed to be a clinical instructress, but believes that the greatest contribution she can make is "to mold my young learners into God- loving people", which she has started to do with her 12-year teaching experience in another Catholic school here in the city.

Strong and outspoken, Ma'am Jesica wants to be known as an effective and efficient educator, and sees no obstacles in sharing the mission, as she smiles at any discomfort or new task.

"Wisdom is living God's words whatever the cost," Ma'am Jesica smiles.

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