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"With great power, come great responsibilities." For some, taking responsibilities is a hurdle that lays out an indefinite burden. However, Sir Tyrone, the new Academic Chair of CON sees it not as a saddle but as an enduring challenge.

He is married to Estrella Hora and is blessed with two sons, Therryll Vince and Tyrest Johnvic. His persona is filled with a high-spirited aura that could surely enlighten a person's day.  He faces his Herculian tasks through a proactive-positive approach foreseeing the individual recompense and liabilities of the decisions made so as to forecast the possible remedies. As inconvenience arises, he doesn't regard it as a problem, but as a grace for experiencing a turbulent path towards maturity.

"Sir Ty," as fondly called by his colleagues, acquired his degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Divine World College in 1995. Soon after his graduation, he was given the opportunity to polish his skills in providing care after being employed as a staff nurse in Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital from 1996-2000. During this period, he was assigned to the different wards and special areas in the institution helping him achieve a level of expertise. In addition, he was also trained as a Nurse Anesthetist as part and parcel of his Advanced Nursing practice. In the year 2001, he was hired as an industrial nurse and at the same time, an HRD incharge at Ubay Industrial Complex where he spent a year or so. Then he was hired as a clinical instructor by HNU to handle Related Learning Experience in the operating room and teaching Anatomy and Physiology subject. Right before becoming an Academic Chairman, he was first promoted as a Level IV Coordinator. Two years thereafter, he finished his degree in Master of Arts in Nursing at Holy Name University.

Level I Coordinator: Cecille Berou, MAN

Verbal eloquence and classy fashion probably depict the personality of the new Level I Coordinator, Maria Cecilia Racho Berou, MAN, fondly called "Takya" by her friends. She finished two courses that crafted the person she is right now. She is a graduate of AB Political Science in 1985 and Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1990 both at Holy Name University. On March 2007, she received her Masteral degree in Nursing. Before she was appointed as a level coordinator, she was a clinical instructor handling Related Learning Experience which she still handles up to present. Amidst her busy schedules, she still spends time with her family, being the main reason for her inexorable clamour for reaching her career's embodiment.

Level II Coordinator: Julie Anne Miro Espiritu, MAN

Julie Anne Miro Espiritu is a fine young lady whose personality is a temple of feistiness and provocativeness. Born on the February 1, 1982, Julie Anne has been steadfast in realizing the epitome of her profession. Nevertheless, she aspires to make the best out of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Behind her daunting routines and activities, she appreciates the necessity of balancing her leisures and relaxation with work. She knows how to control her temperament and exhibits abounding wit and wisdom when the situation calls for.

She acquired a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2003. Soon after graduation, she was lucky enough to be hired as a clinical instructor of HNU for the past 6 years where she was assigned in student's Related Learning Experience and handle subjects that further developed her verbal prowess. With her expertise, she is ready to face whatever hindrances she might encounter as she continues to prosper and empower her vitality as a daughter, sister, and soon to be, wife.

Level III Coordinator: Judith Lomantas Godinez, MAN

Voice with high pitch decibels, charisma and appeal - are some of the essential characteristics possessed by Judith Lomantas Godinez, MAN, the new Level III Coordinator. For the past six years of teaching, she managed to inculcate in the young minds of her students the fundamental nature of the nursing profession by asserting her attitude and captivating allure of performing her lectures. She never fails to amaze her students with her expertise and abounding showcase of merit. She is blessed with a loving husband (Wowie) and five wonderful children Joey, J'boy, Jio, Jaijai and Jaya. She loves the adage: "God will make a way when it seems like there's no way." She has the knack of preserving her mindful positivism through her belief of that God-given courage that will help her surpass the frailties in life. In preparation for her chosen career, she took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Divine Word College which she completed in 1992. Just last year, she had her Masters degree in Nursing which allowed her to unravel the inner pursuit of acquiring the peak of her lifetime aspiration. 

Level IV Coordinator: Craig L. Cespon, MAN

Criag Cespon is the new Level IV coordinator of the College of Nursing.  Before he became a nurse, he took up Bachelor of Science major in General Science which he graduated in 1986. However, his destiny is yet to come soon after he completed his degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing four years thereafter in Divine Word College. Apparently, his hunger to continuously augment his knowledge made him realize to continue his education by enrolling for a Masteral Degree in University of Cebu which he staunchly completed last March 2006. He is happily living a single life but surrounded by caring friends and supportive family.  As a professional, he spends time engaging himself in the actual pursuit of an undertaking for a better regard of the institution.  Known for being outspoken, Craig generates widened consciousness in the minds of his colleagues about important issues and concerns governing the upliftment of the students' welfare. He is capable of handling students in Community Health Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and Jurisprudence.

Delivery Room Coordinator: Marichu M. Apale, MN

Marichu "Ichu" M. Apale, MN is a poignant, motherly Clinical Instructor. She is endowed with the ability of controlling her temperament and knows how to maintain her vivid professionalism. Mothers alike, she gives her students genuine care accentuated by her indulgent conveyance of knowledge, building of trust, and a soothing environment suitable for learning. Her capability of handling people was first tested when she became the senior nurse in the Obstetrics-Gynecology Ward. It was in 1989 when she applied as a Clinical Instructor in Divine Word College (now Holy Name University). Seen with the innate responsiveness of the current issues and concerns of students and Clinical Instructors in the Delivery Room, she was appointed as the coordinator. She is happily married and blessed with four children.

Operating Room Coordinator: Louila Joy Vallega De Claro, MAN

Operating Room clinical instructors and student assignees have a new "mother," she is none other than Mrs. Louila Joy Vallega De Claro, MAN. Her youthful and epic beauty eludes her majestic and vivid existence. For many, she represents an aura of calmness and relentless joy as her name evokes. When trials arise, she faces it with an exuberating display of humour, as if masking the inner turmoil that causes her sober. When she was appointed as the new Operating Room coordinator, she gladly accepted it. Prior to her current position, she, was hired as one of the college's Clinical Instructors assigned in the Operating Room and handling Medical Surgical nursing.

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