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After all the documents required by the Department of Health, Environment Management Office, and the City Government, the Holy Name Medical Center (HNMC) will have its opening within this year, says Rev. Fr. Andres Guban, SVD, the Vice President for Administration of Holy Name University. Fr. Guban opined that the construction of HNMC is anchored on a feasibility study conducted by the Carlos Valdez group whose findings revealed that Bohol still needs 150-up bed hospital.

This hospital project, Fr. Guban remarked, is actually a dream of the first HNU President, Rev. Fr. Florante Camacho, SVD. Fr. Camacho wished that whosoever will be his successor, this administrator should seriously consider the construction of a hospital that will eventually lead to the opening of a medical school here in Bohol.

In 2006, Fr. Camacho's wish ceased to remain a pipe dream - it materialized. The administration of HNU then started to build the hospital, although the project was tentatively stopped. The SVD Southern Province then took over the construction, but because it is bereft of manpower, the SVD Provincialate delegated the HNU administration to pursue the project specifically in 2007.

Since 2007, HNU took the lead in pursuing HNMC's construction based on a hefty budget of P100 Million for the infrastructure alone. This 100-bed capacity hospital will house 25 clinics for the doctors, and, more or less, 150 employees. This hospital belongs to the category Private General Level 3 with a Tertiary classification inasmuch as it is designed as a training ground for nurses, physicians, medical technologist, midwives, and the like.

Fr. Guban further revealed that HNMC is the ever first hospital in the province of Bohol to have a machine shredder for sharp objects like needles, syringes, among others. He also said that it is the first in the province to have a pipe in oxygen and suction that is powered by an oxygen generator, meaning HNMC generates its own oxygen. Also, HNMC is cooled by its centralized aircon system, Fr. Guban narrates with a tenor of pride. Yes, the employees of HNU must somehow also partake this pride since Fr. Guban gave the assurance that all the employees of HNU will be given medical health benefits, discounts, among others. Other than the benefits which our student-nurses will get from HNMC for their Related Learning Experience tie-up, the Clinical Instructors also who may be displaced because of the dwindling enrollment in the College of Nursing can also be absorbed in HNMC, says Fr. Guban in a formal interview by these writers on Aug. 09, 2010 in his office.

He, however, made it clear that during its opening, only 50 beds probably will be made available.Finally, Fr. Guban consistently remarked that HNMC is owned and will be operated by the SVD Southern Province, not by Holy Name University.

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