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In a formal interview, the HNU President, Fr. Francisco T. Estepa, SVD disclosed his priority plans for the university for the School Year 2010-2011. The interview was conducted by these writers on Aug. 9, 2010 at the President's office.

Faculty Qualifications. The President underscored the strengthening of the human resource development program to motivate the faculty to pursue a master's degree in compliance with the CHED guideline that by 2012 all faculty in the tertiary level should be graduate degree holders. When asked of his alternative plans in the event the university fails to meet the guideline by 2012, the President cited two contingency measures. First is to transfer some faculty in the Grade School Department with the educational qualification to the College Department. The second alternative is to hire new qualified faculty. The President, however, emphasized that these alternatives will only be implemented should CHED strictly implement the guideline on faculty qualifications.

Enrichment of Curricular Programs. Since the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) put more premium on outcome-and performance-based learning targets, the President cited the need to train teachers to be more responsive to this trend. The training will focus on a more reliable assessment tools in support to the pencil-and-paper tests. He also suggested that curriculum may be enriched to identify the specific skill or output the students will be able to perform after taking the course or curricular program.

Quest for Excellence. The President is determined to pursue the bid for some curricular programs to be recognized by CHED as Centers of Excellence or Centers of Development. This recognition is only given to curricular programs which meet CHED's stringent criteria which includes among others high performance in licensure examinations, high employability of graduates, remarkable instructional practices, outstanding faculty qualifications, strong community outreach program, and greater involvement of faculty in research and publication.

Linkages. The university has another international university added to its (HNU's) list of linkages. In his trip to Taiwan on July 9-13, 2010, the President signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Fujen University to formally seal the terms of cooperation between the two universities. Part of the agreement is the faculty and student exchange program.

With the unflinching support of the HNU personnel, the President is determined to pursue these plans for the benefit of the studentry and the communities which the university has been serving.

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