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The Director of the Guidance Services presented the results of the Council for Student Personnel Services (CSPS) survey administered SY 2007-2008 during the evaluation and planning of the CSPS Banner Program conducted July 8, 2009 at the Engineering Lecture Room. It was well attended by the CSPS members. The activity was graced by the welcome address of Fr. Francisco Estepa, SVD,President, Holy Name University. The Council is chaired by the Vice President for Administration, Fr. Andres Guban, SVD who delivered the statement of purpose.

Freshmen Orientation

Ms. Kristine Joy Aca-ac, CBA guidance counselor ably organized the freshmen and transferees orientation program on June 6, 2009 at the main gymnasium. A salient feature of the orientation program is to let students be acquainted with the different offices and their respective functions. Through presentations of the services offered, students got a glimpse of how the school would support them in their quest to develop holistically as persons- in the aspects of academic, spiritual, emotional and physical growth. The orientation program informed the new students of important matters regarding academic records, statement of accounts and basic school rules and regulations. In addition, the Diwanag Dance Theatre and Cultural Troupe was applauded in their rendition of colorful dance moves on stage. The masters of ceremony were Ms. Karina Uy and Ms. Margelyn Moncano, BS Psychology and BSED students respectively.

Pro Life

Mr. Rufino Ocon, grade school teacher prolifer and Mrs. Junith Angelie Pueblo successfully conducted a one-day pro-life seminar workshop and planning to the cathechists of St. Anthony de Abbot Parish, Carmen, Bohol on June 14, 2009. On the other hand, four HNU student prolifers together with Mrs. Angelie Pueblo, Pro Life coordinator actively participated the Diocesan Commission on Family and Life Strategic Planning Workshop on July 4-5, 2009 at the Mercedarian Retreat House, Dauis , Bohol. The student pro lifers are, Mary Grace Ramada, Arlene Paredes, Ma. Airene Daling and Emmylou Maputol all BEED students.


There were three hundred three (303) shiftees who were interviewed in the guidance office for SY 2008-2009 and 1st sem. of SY 2009-2010. Of the total number of shiftees, 28% came from the College of Arts and Sciences, 27% from the College of Business and Accountancy, 20%, from the College of Computer Science , 14% from the College of Engineering, 6% from the College of Education and 5% from the College of Nursing. The College of Education and the College of Nursing's small number of shiftees would mean that majority of the students have already decided the right course for them when they enrolled. The top four reasons for shifting to another program are: Personal (48%), followed by learning difficulty (18%), then influence of a relative (13%), then financial difficulty (9%). A striking percentage of 44 under learning difficulty for CBA shiftees is attributed to the students who were not able to maintain the cut-off grade in the Accountancy program.

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Table 2 shows that the bulk of shiftees from the different departments prefer the programs offered by the College of Business and Accountancy. Majority of the shiftees from the CBA were students taking up Accounting who were not able to maintain the cut-off grade so they shifted to business majors instead. Shiftees from other departments prefer Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management programs which are also offered by CBA. On the other hand, 53% of the shiftees from the College of Arts and Sciences prefer Nursing. This group of shiftees were the waiting list who were not able to pass the Nursing Aptitude Test for one reason or another. Many students still considered Nursing career as a good opportunity in the world of work particularly abroad.

Grade School Orientation

The Grade School Guidance Center together with the Campus Ministry and Health Services conducted a two-day separate orientation activity with the Grade 2-6 transferees on June 6, 2009 and June 9, 2009 for the Grade 1 pupils. Discussion of the different services and programs as well as office tour enabled the new enrollees to be acquainted of the school services and facilities. Ms. R. Corre

Student Circle Session

There were 978 freshmen students and transferees who actively participated the student circle session this 1st semester SY 2009-2010. The activity was facilitated by the trained peer counselors ably organized by Mrs. Agnes Saguin.

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