About the HNU Water Testing Laboratory

Holy Name University realizes its mission in protecting the integrity of creation through its Water Testing Laboratory (WTL).

When the Water Testing Laboratory temporarily stopped operation after the earthquake in 2013, a demand for water testing service grew since then. Due to this demand from the business sectors, government and non-government organizations of Bohol, the HNU Administration decided to re-open its water testing laboratory. What used to be the hospital laundry facility was converted into the new HNU Water Testing Laboratory. On August 12, 2022 the DOH accreditation team came to evaluate the laboratory. On August 24, 2022 the hard copy of the accreditation certificate was delivered to the laboratory. The new HNU Water Testing laboratory is accredited under service capability Category A: Microbiological (Membrane Filtration Technique) and Category B: Physical Chemical. It is the only water testing facility in Bohol which can provide microbiological, physical and chemical analysis of drinking water.


Vision, Mission and Goals


  • To be a catalyst of change in Water Resources Management; and
  • To be a well-established and leading water and wastewater laboratory not only in Bohol but also in the whole Visayas region that provides accurate and reliable services in a timely manner.


  • Conduct reliable water analysis that meets the standards set by water accrediting agencies;
  • Spearhead the collaboration of stakeholders for sustainable water resources management;
  • Establish an integrated water resource management information system; and
  • Sustain operations through sound management and control system.


  • Establish and operate an accredited and registered water testing laboratory;
  • Develop a management information system for efficient dissemination of information;
  • Provide awareness-building activities for active participation of informed public in water quality management and monitoring; and
  • Develop linkages toward consultative and cooperative functions for resource pooling and policy advocacy.

Services Offered

1. Microbiological

*Escherichia Coli Membrane Filtration Technique for Drinking Water Samples
Fecal Coliforms
Total Coliforms

*Mandatory Parameter for Drinking Water Samples

2. Chemical

Ammonia (NH3) Electrode Method
Chloride (CI-) Argentometric Method
Hardness EDTA Titrimetric Method
*Residual Chlorine Iodometric Method
*Nitrate (NO3-) Electrode Method

*Mandatory Parameter for Drinking Water Samples

3. Physical

*Color Visual Comparison
*pH Electrometric Method
*Turbidity Nephelometric Method
*TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Total Dissolved Solids Dried at 180oC
TSS (Total Suspended Solids) Total Suspended Solids Dried at 103-105oC

*Mandatory Parameter for Drinking Water Samples

Contact Us

Telephone Nos.: 038 412 2879 or call 038 412 3387 local 567

Email address:

Address: Janssen Heights, Dampas District, Tagbilaran City, 6300 Bohol

Engr. Juliet Salgados
Laboratory Head
Water Testing Laboratory