Cultural Affairs and Development Center

Culture has always been recognized as an integral part of Education.  The transmission of knowledge, attitudes, skills and values pertaining to the particular way of life of a nation has been seen as both crucial and essential in the total development of the learners.  More than simply providing entertainment in campus, Cultural Education and its development must be seen as a comprehensive effort to provide them with solid mooring of their identity, capacity to appreciate and respect diversity in peoples and express themselves in a creatively.

Cognizant of this mandate, Holy Name University established in 1997 the Office Of Cultural Affairs And Development (OCAD) to serve as a center for planning, implementing and sustaining cultural projects and activities. The office is directly under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Administration.

The establishment of OCAD in the closing years of the previous millennium was both inspired and timely, coming at a time when the school’s quest for university status was fast gaining traction.  It also came about at the eve of the centennial celebration of the country, coinciding with the time when the idea of a cultural renaissance had become the byword in the provincial government of Bohol’s developmental thrusts. In creating OCAD, Holy Name University saw a golden opportunity to carry on the legacy of Fr. Alphonse Lesage, SVD, the founding director of then, Holy Name College, who during his time pioneered a culturally-vibrant campus, promoted cultural activities and recognized creative talents from among students and employees.  With OCAD finally set in place, a strong impetus was created to plan and nurture growth of cultural life in the campus, as well as to reach out the Province of Bohol, and beyond.

Vision, Mission and Goals


We envision ourselves as Culturally Sensitive servant leaders of Holy Name University, contributing to the building of Culturally Active Christian Communities in Bohol and beyond, imbued with the values of Christian Humanism and a deep sense of cultural identity.


The Office of Cultural Affairs and Development is committed to make HNU a proactive and committed LEADER IN CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT of the Province of Bohol and beyond, evolving a dynamic and creative Cultural Life, drawing inspiration from the best of World, Filipino, and most specially Boholano Culture, facilitating the growth of the innate artistic talents of the entire academic community, thus providing well-rounded program for the total human development.


  • Develop and promote the Cultural Artistic Talents of HNU students, Faculty and Staff (Aesthetic Development)
  • Raise aesthetic standards by providing the HNU and Boholano community a Culture of Excellence through a wide range of Cultural Programs, Events and Activities (Cultural Exposure, Entertainment, and Enrichment)
  • Preserve and develop Bohol’s Cultural Heritage (Historic-Cultural Consciousness)
  • Be of service to communities and beyond HNU by sharing its cultural resources and services with them (Social Awareness and Responsibility)
  • Continuously enhance teaching skills of the Faculty and enriching their culturalism (Staff and Curriculum Development)

Services Offered

  1. Membership in Cultural Groups - allows students to develop and hone their performance skills by being a member of the cultural performance groups under OCAD namely the Diwanag Dance Theatre and Cultural Troupe, the HNU Chorale, and the HNU Brass Band
  2. Scholarship Available - provides students scholarship by being a member of the cultural groups namely Diwanag, HNU Chorale and HNU Band
  3. Costume Rental - allows students to rent costumes available from the cultural groups
  4. Stage Performance - provides members of the cultural groups opportunities to expose their talent through various stage performances
  5. Performance Cliniquing - provides assistance on performance skill assessment and development
  6. Cultural Research and Resource Utilization - allows patrons to browse through books from the CBS library to aid Cultural researches
  7. Academic/Cultural consultation - provides patrons consultation on academic or cultural aspects
Joshibiah G. de Juan
Cultural Affairs and Development Center