Center for Community Extension, Linkages and Partnerships

What the Center does

Provide opportunities for the school community to animate the core value of social responsibility through outreach/community extension projects

Provide the link between the university and the government, non-government organizations, business institutions, private organizations, and other educational institutions

Provide ways for the university to share its resources to the outside world



Develop a culture of social responsibility among students and employees

Establish and strengthen partnerships with higher educational institutions (local, regional, national, and international)

Establish and strengthen linkage with government, private institutions, civil society organization, and religious organizations



 A partner in development, engaged in relevant programs responsive to community needs.


We commit ourselves to:

  • active collaboration with both internal and external partners
  • the implementation of programs that contribute to economic, social and cultural development
  • timely and appropriate actions in addressing community needs



We aim to:

  • increase number of partnerships to widen reach of development initiatives
  • create impact in the economic, social and cultural aspects of people’s lives
  • be attuned and responsive to issues affecting the lives of the people in the community


Institutional Extension Framework


Extension as Engagement and Social Responsibility

HNU’s extension is based on equal exchange between the institution and the community, rooted in a mutually supportive partnership that fosters a formal strategic long-term collaborative arrangement. It is providing services to communities outside the school as partners through education, programs, and activities aimed at the improvement of the quality of life.

As engagement, HNU’s extension is guided by the seven characteristics that define an engaged institution. These characteristics are:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Respect for Partners
  3. Academic Neutrality
  4. Accessibility
  5. Integration
  6. Coordination
  7. Resource Partnerships



Extension Philosophy: Humanist-Constructivist

HNU’s community extension activities are means by which students can apply knowledge in real-life tasks. It encourages students to search, manipulate, explore and investigate the environment; interpret information on the basis of real-world context; innovatively come up with products and projects that benefit the community; and strongly internalize values which the community can emulate.


Goal of extension: Development and Empowerment of Communities

HNU community extension is defined as “programmed activities that promote the welfare, development and empowerment of partner communities.” This characterization finds its bearing in the four pillars which are strengthened partnerships, programmed activities, empowered communities, and social responsibility.


Extension Agenda

The University’s extension is guided by the following agenda:

  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Spiritual formation
  • Environment
  • Basic social services
  • Cultural heritage
  • Networking and linkaging
Ms. Mariejoe Narca
Center for Community Extension, Linkages and Partnerships